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Agri - Info - Under Utilized Potential Fruits & Vegetables of NEH Region Identified


Scientific name Local name Distribution Flowering Fruiting
Prunus nepalensis Soh-iong Khasi and Jaintia hills (Meghalaya) Oct-Dec. June-Aug
Myrica nagi Soh-phie Sibsagar (Dikho valley Assam), Naga hills, Khasi & Jaintia hills (Meghalaya) Oct-Dec. April-June
Garcinia cowa Chenkek Mizoram Feb -Mar April-June
Phylanthus acidus Star aonla Mizoram -  Nov- Dec
Elaegnus latifolia
E. pyrifolia
Soh-shang North east frontier tracts, lower Assam and Meghalaya Sept-Dec,

Prunus nepalensis

Myrica nagi



Garcinia (Garcinia cowa)


Star aonla (Phyllanthus acidus)

Elaegnus spp



Chow chow

Fruits, leaves and tuberous roots are used
Availability: April-January
Yield :250 q/ha

Sweet gourd (kakrol)

Rich source of vitamin A
Fruits and tuberous roots are used
Availability: May-October
Yield: 125 q/ha


Tree tomato (Cyphomandra betacea)

It is a perennial shrub, grown as a backyard venture crop in Meghalaya, Mizoram andSikkim. Fruit size ranges from 5-10 cm in length and 4-5 cm in width. Colour of the fruit may be solid deep-purple, blood-red, orange or yellow, or red-and-yellow. It is consumed as delicious chutney when raw or after roasting and peeling off the skin. The people like it due to its unique flavour

Tree bean (Parkia roxburghii)

Most multipurpose tree species N fixing plant as a competent agro-forestry plant for the N.East. Long tender pods are most popular and delicious vegetable in whole north east region due to its special smell, taste and flavour. Pods are available from June-July to February-March.

Dolichos or Indian bean (Dolichos lablab)

Rich source of beta carotene and calcium. Green pods are used for vegetable purposes. Pods of photo insensitive line is available from June-July to March


Scented ash gourd (Benincasa hispida)

All the plant parts are scented just like joha rice. In northeast region ash gourd is used for vegetable purposes. Seeds of scented gourd is just like serpent melon






Under utilized potential fruits of NEH Region