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Prunus nepalensis

Myrica nagi


Garcinia (Garcinia cowa)


Garcinia lancaefolia

Star aonla (Phyllanthus acidus)


Nephelium longana

Buri (Baccaurea sapida)

Tree tomato (Cyphomandra betacea)

It is a perennial shrub, grown as a backyard venture crop in Meghalaya, Mizoram and Sikkim. Fruit size ranges from 5-10 cm in length and 4-5 cm in width and colour may be solid deep-purple, blood-red, orange or yellow, or red-and-yellow. It is consumed as delicious chutney when raw or after roasting and peeling off the skin. It is liked by the people due to its unique flavour.

Chow chow

Fruit, leaves and tuberous root are used.
Availability: April-January:
Yield : 250 q/ha


Sweet gourd (kakrol):
Rich source of vitamin A
Fruit and tuberous root are used.
Availability: May-October
Yield: 125 q/ha



Three varieties have been developed

Yield: 533 q/ha Yield : 630 q/ha. AICRP on Vegetable crops recommended this variety for zone III (entire North east and Andaman & Nicobar Island. Yield: 637 q/ha.

Sweet Potato

Varieties found suitable   :Sonipet-2, Sree Bhadra
Yield                       : 300-350 q/ha
Spacing                  : 30x30 cm
Cropping season    : rainy season (May-November)
Fertilizers                ; FYM @ 15 t/ha and NPK 90:60;90kg/ha.

Brinjal Varieties

Moderately resistant to bacterial wilt with an average yield of 300 q/ha
It is moderately resistant to bacterial wilt and
gives an average yield of 400 q/ha in rainy season.

Package of Practice for Pineapple

High density planting (Kew variety)

Double row or paired row planting system across the hill slope  
Spacing:                30 x 45 x 75 cm
Plant population:  45,000-60,000
Yield:                   47-55 t/ha against 20-25t/ha along the slope in normal spacing (75 x 75cm)

Double row or paired row planting system on terraced land
Spacing:               30 x 45 x 90 cm
Plant population:  45,000
Yield:                   65 t/ha

Induction of uniform flowering in pineapple (Overcoming Staggering)

Hybrids and Variety of Guava