Agri - Timelines

Agri - Timelines

Management of insect pests: Following schedule of pesticides is recommended for the management of different insect pest of citrus.

1st spray (March-April) Malathion 0.05% or Nuvacron 0.05% for citrus psylla and Endosulfan 0.01% for lemon butterfly

2nd spray (June-July) Malathion or Dimecron or Nuvacron as above for mealy bugs, aphids, white fly and scale insects.

A regular surveillance for trunk borer during July – August is essential. Incase of observation of new fros near the tree trunks/ branches, clean the tunnel with an iron wire, insert a cotton swab soaked in Nuvan / Nuvacron/Petrol and plug the hole with mud or cow dung.

3rd Spray September-October, repeat 2nd spray for above insects. Apply Sevin 5% dust in tree basins and mix thoroughly in the soil. Remove webbing of bark eating caterpillars and treat the hole as recommended for trunk borer.

Management of diseases:

Scab, powdery mildew, anthracnose / die back, gummosis and greasy spot are most frequently observed diseases of Khasi mandarin in the region. Following schedule is recommended for the management of various diseases.

I.  December - January            

II. March – April

Single spray of Bavistin (0.1%) + Nuvacron 0.1% coinciding with the new flushes for the control of scab, powdery mildew, leaf miner and aphids. After a fortnight, spray application of Bordeaux mixture (1.0%) / Blitox (0.25%) / Captafol (0.2%) for the control of anthracnose, twig blight or leaf spot diseases.