Training programme on goat rearing organised under collaborative project

       Under the collaborative project “Livelihood improvement of tribal farmers through scientific goat farming in Meghalaya” with ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Goats, Mathura a two days training on goat rearing was organised on 22nd and 23rd March, 2021 at the Livestock farm of the institute. During the two days training a total of 70 farmers from different villages of Ri Bhoi and East Khasi Hill districts attended. The farmers were made aware about the scope of goat rearing in Meghalaya, scientific management of goats, diseases and vaccination schedule and marketing   opportunities. They were also given practical demonstrations of different feed and fodders, breeds and housing models. During the interactions, the farmers asked about different goat diseases and their prevention, and availability of goat kids for starting goatery. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Sourabh Deori, Dr. G. Kadirvel and Dr. K. K. Baruah and funded by with ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Goats, Mathura.