Three days training programme on Soybean production, processing and utilization

      ICAR Research Complex for NEH region, Umiam organized three days training programme on soybean production, processing and utilization from 25th -27th March, 2021 at Plant Breeding section, ICAR-RC-NEH Region, Umiam under AICRP on Soybean project. The objective of the programme was to explicate hands on training on various healthy and cheap soybean derived food products that can be prepared at home and further incorporate in their diet by the farmers of Meghalaya. A total of 30 farmers from Kyrdem village participated in the programme. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Amit Kumar and Dr. Philanim W. S and co-coordinated by Dr. Aochen C, Dr. R Krishnappa and Dr. A. Rattan Kumar.  The programme commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Amit kumar, scientist, Plant Breeding and further explained about the cultivation practices of Soybean. Dr. Philanim W.S, scientist, Plant Breeding, discussed about the various nutritious byproducts of soybean which can be prepared easily at home vizs. Soypowder, Soymilk, Soypaneer (tofu). Dr. A. Rattan Kumar, Scientist Plant Pathology, discussed about the soybean diseases that occurs in the hills of Meghalaya and its management. He stressed on early detection of diseases so that proper treatment can be given. Dr. R. Krishnappa, Scientist, Plant Physiology talks about the importance of crop rotation with soybean and intercropping with other crops particularly rice and maize. Dr. C. Aochen, Scientist, Plant Biochemistry stressed on the nutritional benefits of soybean that are a good source of protein, vitamin, minerals and beneficial plant compound such as isoflavones which are very beneficial to women. Practical demonstration on preparation of soyamilk, soypowder, tofu, soychap and soykafta were also conducted. Farmers were also served with tea prepared out of soya milk and soya powder. Farmers expressed great desire to try the soybean products at their homes. The training concluded with farmers-scientist interaction to clear their queries and address their needs.

Three days training programme on soybean, 25th -27th March, 2021 at upland farm, Plant Breeding section, Division of Crp Science, UCAR-RC-NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya
Hands on training on Soymilk production
Farmers- Scientist interaction