Demonstration Programmes under TSP at Mawkyndeng village, West Jaintia Hills

     A demonstration programme on the topic “Food processing - A way to uplift rural livelihood” was conducted on 4th March, 2021 under the TSP project entitled, ‘Livelihood improvement of farmers through interventions of modern agricultural technologies’ at Mawkyndeng village, Raliang, West Jaintia Hills. The programme was attended by 27 tribal women farmers and agriprenuers. The programme was organized and coordinated by Drs. SR Assumi, TR Borah, S Patra and P Paul of the institute.

During the demonstration programme the participants were apprised of the prospects of food processing, mushroom cultivation and honey bee rearing as possible business ventures. The majority of the women were actively involved in their respective SHGs (Self-help groups) producing various value added products from locally available agricultural produce. Not only production and marketing of processed food products but the women were also making local handicrafts from bamboo, cane, timber, etc. and popularising at local and state levels. Hands-on practical for processing of tomato and cultivation of oyster mushroom were demonstrated.