FAQs Orchids


1. What are suitable hybrids of Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Vanda, Oncidium, Cattleya and Phalaenopsis  orchids for NE Region?

Ans. Cymbidium (Valley Legend Steff, Bob Marlin Lucky,Fire Storm Blaze, Peachy Keen, Fire Storm Ruby, Sungold, PCMV,   H.C.   Aurora),   Dendrobium   (Thongchai   Gold, Emma White, Bangkok Blue, Madam Pompadour, MadamPink, Lervia, Julie, Erika), Vanda (Prao Sky Blue, MotesIndigo Blue, Pures Wax, RBSD Black, Pat Delight), Oncidium (Gower Ramsay, Sharry Bay Sweet Fragrance, Taka Yellow, Wild Cat Bob cat Carmera), Cattleya ( Queen Sirikhit, Chinese Beauty Orchid Queen, Ahmad Sheikhi), Phalaenopsis (Brother & White, Kaleidoscope, Maki Watanabe,   Ox   Prince   Thunder,   Strawberry,   Memoria Francis Hunter, ChianXen Magpie, Hsing Ying Fortune).

2. What  are  suitable  potting  mixtures  of Cymbidium Dendrobium and Cattleya for commercial cultivation?

Ans. Cymbidium (Cocochips + Cocopeat + Brick pieces +Slow release fertilizer (3: 3: 1: 1g), Dendrobium(Coco peat+ brick pieces + tree bark (1: 1: 1) andCattleya (Cocochips+ brick piece + leaf mould/ leaf fern (1:1:1).

3.What are the optimum harvesting stages of Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids for enhanced vase life?

Ans.    Cymbidium    (Two    buds    open    stage)    and Dendrobium (50% bud open stage).

4.What  are  the  different  post-harvest techniques in Cymbidium orchids?

Ans. Chemical preservatives for pulsing (5% sucrose), impregnation (1000 ppm CoCl2), bud opening (4% sugar +200 ppm salicylic acid) and vase solutions (2%) sucrose + 200ppm 8-HQC.

5.Mention the commercial orchids for which the DUS test Guidelines are available in the institute?

Ans.   Cymbidium,   Dendrobium,   Vanda,   Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and Oncidium.