FAQs KVK Hailakandi

Is there any variety recommended for late sowing of toria?
TS – 67 variety is released by AAU, Jorhat for late sown Toria-paddy cropping sequence.

Is there any intercultural operation required in lentil?
Weeding should be done after 20-25 days of sowing and irrigate the field if required and also earthing up is required.

What is a good size and shape for a carp pond?
 After selection of the site for the pond with a good water supply, you can start digging. The size and shape of the pond should range between 0.1 hectare to 1 hectares in rectangular shape will be a good size pond.

What are the fodders that can be cultivated for winter season?
Oat can be cultivated to meet the requirements of green fodder during winter. It can be sown during the month of October to November. Two to three cuts can be harvested withihin an interval of 45 to 50 days.

What is the deworming schedule of goat?
Goat kids are prone to internal parasites like tapeworm and round worm. Kids should be dewormed by 2 months of age, and again every 2 months interval until a year of age.

How to treat potato tubers and why?
Potato tubers should be treated by dipping in an solution of mencozeb or carbendazim @2.5 g/ lit of water for 30 – 45 minutes. This treatment will protect the tubers from many fungal diseases in the early stages.

How to control fruit and shoot borer in brinjal crop?
Installation of pheromone trap @ 100/ ha followed by need based spraying of pesticides will help in control of brinjal fruit and shoot borer.

What kind of preservative should be used for preserving coloured fruit juice?
Potassium Meta Bisulphate (KMS) must be used for preserving coloured fruit juice.

From which fruit, the best jelly can be prepared?
The best jelly can be prepared from guava.

What is the sowing time of okra?
February – March and June – July.

What is the seed rate of ridge gourd?
For crop grown on the ground the seed rate is 3-3.5 kg/ha and for a trellis-grown crop the seed rate is 6-7 kg/ha.

What is the spacing of ridge gourd?
For crop grown on the ground-3.0m x 0.45m and for a trellis-grown crop -1.5m x 0.45m.

What are green manures? Give example.
The plants which are dug into the soil in green stage are called green manures.Example-Dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata).

Which plant species preferred most as green manures?
Leguminous plant species.

I have 1 bigha land of cucumber cultivation and fruits are being infested by fruit fly, how can I control them?
Adult fruit flies can be trapped by hanging bait (vinegar + sugar solution) in the main field.

How to control damping off in summer vegetables?
Soil drenching with carbendazim @ 5 g/ lit of water should be done to control damping off of summer vegetables.

I have 100 nos. of Broiler birds,are two weeks old and have whitish diarrhea. What is the cure for the same?
Whitish diarrhea is caused by bacteria. It can be treated by giving Tetracycline or Endrofloxacin in drinking water.

There is formation of small nodules in the face of my birds, eyes are swollen and closed. What should I do?
A small nodule are formed due to virus and is known as fowl pox. The affected birds can be treated by giving antibiotics. It can also be prevented by vaccination at 6 – 8 weeks of age.

What is the seed rate of maize with spacing?
18 – 22.5 kg/ha or 2.5 – 3.0 kg/ bigha with dibbled at a depth of 3-4 c.m with row to row space: 65 - 75 c.m and seed to seed space – 20-25 c.m.

What is the optimum time for sowing of pigeon pea?
June – July.

What nutrient element is provided by Azolla in paddy?

Where from Azolla gets nitrogen?
From atmosphere.

What is the suitable planting time of turmeric?
 April to May.

What is the seed rate of Okra for rainy season?
8 – 10 kg/ ha.

Can mushroom be also cultivated in summer season?
Yes, a variety known as Pleurotus Saju Kaju can be cultivated in the summer season.

What are the different value added products of mushroom?
Dried mushroom, mushroom pickle and mushroom sauce.

What harm does algae and aquatic plant have on the pond?
Plant produces oxygen during the day and consumes during the nights in the form of respiration. Extremely dense growth of aquatic plant can cause excessively low oxygen level early in the morning which affects the fish and other aquatic life.

What should one do in case of low pH level of pond water?
One should add lime depending upon the pH level of water. The normal dose of lime varies from 200 to 250 kg/ ha.

What are the breeds of cattle which are good for milk production?
Jersey and Holstein Friesian are good exotic breeds of cattle of which Jersey is the best choice for Hailakandi climatic condition. Jersey is small, brown in colour and provides average 11 liters of milk per day.

How much feed and fodder should be given to a milk producing cow?
Milking cow should be fed with minimum 2.75 kg of concentrate feed or more depending on her milk production and minimum 20 kg of green fodder in a day.


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Which major nutrient is deficient in acidic soil?
Phosphorus is found to be deficient in acidic soil

What is the phosphorus deficiency symptom in rice?
Stunted growths with reduced tillering are the deficiency symptoms in rice.

 How to control termite in vegetable plot?
Soil drenching with Chloropyriphos @5ml/ lit of water can control the termite population effectively.

 How to control late blight in tomato?
Spraying of Ridomil MZ 72 @ 2g/ lit of water can effectively control the late blight disease in tomato.

What type of diet should be taken during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, iron & vitamin rich balanced diet should be taken.

Why it is necessary to include curd in diet?
Curd is a probiotic health drink that contains useful microorganisms which are beneficial for healthy gut.

What are the suitable short duration varieties for Ahu season?
Govind, IR 36, Disang and Luit.

What is the suitable time for maize sowing?
The suitable goring time of maize is March-May.

What is the most common disease in poultry and how to control?
Ranikhet Disease (RD) is the most common disease. It can be controlled by vaccination.

What is the best time of AI in cow?
If she comes into heat in the morning AI has to be done in evening and if she comes into heat in the evening, AI has to be done in the next morning.