FAQ Entomology




1. What is a pest? An insect (or any other living being) whose population increases to such an extent as to cause economic losses to crops or a nuisance and health hazard to man and his livestock will be declared a pest.
2 Are all insects pest ? No. Insects are designated as pests only when they are sufficiently numerous to cause economic losses. Two species of insects may be equally noxious as individuals and yet, because of the density attained by each, one is called a pest and the other is not. In nature some insects acted as predator or parasitoid on insect pests.
3 What are the major insect-pests of NEH region ? The agro-climatic conditions of NEH region are very conducive for the growth and multiplication of insect fauna. Pest problems in the region are innumerable and as many as 600 species of insect have assumed pest status in various crops in NEH region.
4 What are the major natural enemies present in NEH region ? The north-eastern hill region is rich in insect biodiversity and hourbour several species of natural enemies. 
5 What are beneficial insects of NEH region ? Honey bees and silk worms
6 Where can I get help regarding a insect-pest problem in my crop field ? Well experienced team of scientists in Entomology section under Division of Crop Improvement eager to solve insect-pests problems in farmers crop field.
7 Where can I get information about insect-pests management ? Well experienced team of scientists in Entomology section under Division of Crop Improvement have been conducting experiment on insect-pests management of crop pests of NEH region since the inception of the institute. The outcome of experiments are published in reputed journals and in the form of books, bulletins etc.
8 Where can I get biocontrol agents for controlling insect-pests in my crop field ? Culture of entomopathogenic fungi viz. Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, Verticillium lecanii are available in the Division of Crop Improvement.
9 Where can I indentify insect specimens ? Entomology section under Division of Crop Improvement is maintaining 41,164 insect species with 915 identified species of north east region in museum. We provide insect identification services to students, researchers of different institutes/organizations.
10 What should I do in case of pesticides poisoning ? In case of suspected poisoning due to pesticides the nearest physician should be called immediately.