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The KIRAN website is maintained by the following team members. For any query one can proceed to any one of the following members.


Sl.no Name  Email Address
1 Dr. Arnab Sen arnabsen123@gmail.com
2 Dr. P.Mohapatra kpmbbsr@rediffmail.com
3 Dr. Sandeep Ghatak ghataksnd@rediffmail.com
4 Dr. U. Sakia ussaikia73@gmail.com 
5 Dr. A. K. Tripathi aktripathi2020@yahoo.com
6 Dr. N.A Deshmukh nadeshmukh1981@gmail.com
7 Dr. Anirudha Roy aniruddhaubkv@gmail.com
8 Mr. N. Uttam Singh uttamba@gmail.com
9 Dr. Rajesh kumar rrjk10@gmail.com
10 Dr. H. Rymbai rymbaihort@gmail.com


Sl.no Name  Email Address
1 Mr. Banshanlang Rynjah  banrynjah.k@gmail.com
2 Ms. Diarmon Surong diarmonsurong50@gmail.com
3 Ms. Pynsukii Rymbai pynsukii07@gmail.com
4 Mr. Kyrshan Rynjah bahritrynjah@yahoo.in
5 Ms. Rupaia Lyndoh Mawnai
6 Mr. Nandlal Bishkarma
7 Ms. Eugenia Lamo lamo_eugenia@ymail.com