What's New Archive 2014

  1. KVK West Siang Extending The Helping Hand To Farmers at Basar.
  2. Zero Tillage Cultivation of Rapeseed-Mustard in Rice Fallow Enhanced Income in NEH Region.
  3. Member of Parliament visited KVK, Sant Ravidas Nagar.
  4. Workshop of AICRP for Dryland Agriculture Inaugurated.
  5. Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh Inaugurated Fish Farmer’s Meet at Muzaffarpur.
  6. Expert Consultation on Endophytes organized.
  7. Rodent Management Campaigns at Chhattisgarh.
  8. NAARM organized International Training Programme on ‘Agricultural Research Management’ for Scientist of Sri-Lanka.
  9. Diagnostic Visit To Farmer’s Field By KVK West Siang at Basar.
  10. South Sikkim Tribal Farmers Empowered Through ICAR Input and Technological Support.
  11. Empowerment of Tribal Farmers through Vanaraja Backyard Farming in Sikkim.
  12. Indo-Tibetan Boarder Police Undergone Training on “Handling and Management of YAK” at ICAR-NRCY, Dirang.
  13. Scientist-Farmer Interaction Builds Confidence in Farmers – Dr. Balyan.
  14. Kisan Goshthi-cum-Exhibition Organised.
  15. ICAR-CIRCOT Organized Training on Basics of Nanotechnology and its Application.
  16. Farmers’ Scientist Interaction Organized at Uttar Simlabari under TSP.
  17. Diagnostic Visit To Farmer’s Field By KVK West Siang at Basar.
  18. “Special  Postal  Cover”  released on the concluding day of  “Quasqui- centennial Celebrations” of ICAR-IVRI.
  19. World Soil Day celebrated at ICAR-IISS, Bhopal.
  20. National Day for Women in Agriculture celebrated at ICAR- CIFA.
  21. SAC of KVK lauded Organic Seed production approach for self sufficiency in seed.
  22. Review Meeting of the ICAR Network Projects on Transgenics in Crops.
  23. Dr. S. Ayyappan DG, ICAR vistis Sasya Shyamala KVK, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University.
  24. Heliconia flowers make coconut farming more profitable in Goa.
  25. Commercialization of Soybean Varieties.
  26. International Training Programme on Research Methods in Agroforestry inaugurated at ICAR- CAFRI, Jhansi.
  27. ICAR-CIRG Commercialized Goat milk based soap Technologies.
  28. Brainstorming Workshop on Climate Resilient Village Framework.
  29. Workshop for Tackling Food Inflation in India Held.
  30. Exploration and Collection of Germplasm cum Diagnostic visit at Basar.
  31. Regional workshop of Animal Nutrition Society of India (ANSI) held at NRC on Mithun, Medziphema.
  32. Nomadic Herdsmen Honoured in Yak Mela.
  33. Two Days District Level Training Programme by KVK West Siang.
  34. ICAR-DMAPR Celebrated 23rd Foundation Day.
  35. ICAR-DGR Commercialized Technologies.
  36. Monitoring of farmers’ field and seed production programme.
  37. International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products Inaugurated.
  38. NICRA Activities Monitored By KVKand ICAR Scientists at Basar 20th November, 2014.
  39. National Workshop on Enhancing Understanding of Plant Genetic Resources organized.
  40. ICAR and KVK West Siang Participated The North East Agri Fair, 2014.
  41. Visit of Padma Vibhusan Professor MS Swaminathan to CRRI.
  42. Visit of Padma Vibhusan Professor MS Swaminathan to CRRI.
  43. ICAR Training On Pig Farming Under Deep Litter Housing System Held At Chhoten Basti, North Sikkim.
  44. ICAR Sikkim Centre Conducted Alpine Animal Health Camp For Tibetan Sheep And Yak In Cold Desert.
  45. Integrated Farming System Enhanced Livelihood of Tribal Farmer.
  46. Onion Variety “Bhima Red” Licensed.
  47. Field Day on Soybean and Participatory Varietal Selection of Rice.
  48. Hands on Training to Tribal Women Farmers on Pig Farming under Deep Litter Cum Piglets Distribution held at North Sikkim.
  49. Observation of Vigilance Awareness Week in ICAR.
  50. Vigilance Awareness Week during the Year, 2014 at NRC on MITHUN, Nagaland.
  51. Rashtriya Ekta Diwas observed at ICAR 31stOctober, 2014, New Delhi.
  52. On-farm storage of onion for enhancing income of farmers.
  53. Compensatory Production plan Rabi 2014.
  54. Plant Genome Saviour Awards: Inviting Application For The Plant Genome Saviour Community Award 2013-14 And Plant Genome Saviour Farmer Rewards And Farmer Recognitions 2014.
  55. Off Campus Training Cum Method Demonstration by ICAR and KVK West Siang.
  56. ICAR Sikkim Centre Celebrates 39th Foundation Day.
  57. Farmers' sensitization programmes Conducted by ICAR,Basar at Roing.
  58. First Announcement National Conference on Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainable Pig Production on 20th – 21st December,2014.
  59. ICAR-NRC Citrus, Nagpur in collaboration with ICAR, Mizoram and District Horticulture Office, Kolasibconducts training programme on “Production technology of Citrus for NEH region”
  60. Union Agriculture Minister Inaugurates ICAR Regional Committee Meeting at Raipur.
  61. World Food Day 2014 Celebrated at IIPR, Kanpur.
  62. “Meat on Wheels” was flagged-off during World Food Day at NRC on Meat.
  63. ICAR-Zonal Project Directorate, Zone II Organized Sensitization Workshop on PPV&FR.
  64. Group meeting of All India Coordinated Project on Citrus organized at NRCC.
  65. Management of Cyclone affected oil palm trees.
  66. ICAR-DAC Interface Meeting for Up Scaling of Climate Resilient Practices through NMSA.
  67. On farm demonstration of Jayanti rohu fish seed rearing held in Gujarat.
  68. Agriculture has a key role in reducing poverty – Dr APJ Kalam.
  69. Seed Production Programme of Toria by KVK West Siang and ICAR Basar in Full Swing.
  70. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 2nd October 2014 observed at ICAR RC NEH Region Manipur Centre, Imphal.
  71. Annual Zonal Workshop of KVKs – Zone V organized on 1st October, 2014.
  72. Training on Resource Conservation technologies in rainfed farming on 23rd September 2014, Hyderabad.
  73. New Crop Varieties released by ICAR Tripura Centre on 15th September 2014.
  74. Farmers Were Encouraged By Kvk West Siang And Icar Basar.
  75. Swacch Bharat Mission” Taken Up By Kvk West Siang And Icar Basar.
  76. ICAR to Launch “Swachh Bharat Mission”.
  77. Technological interventions helped Nagaland farmers to mitigate drought.
  78. Awareness Programme on "Climate Change and Contingency Planning on Weather Extremes in Mizoram".
  79. Union Minister of Agriculture Visits IIVR, Varanasi.
  80. Group Meeting of AICRP on medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Betelvine Organised.
  81. Union Minister of Agriculture Visited CIRG.
  82. KVK, East Sikkim trained farmers for preparation of Ragi (Finger millet) biscuit.
  83. Promotion of Pulses in NEH States.
  84. Monitoring and Evaluation of SRI Fields and Feedback From The Farmers.
  85. Invitation to the 25TH Annual Review Meet Of All India Co-Ordinated Research Project For Epidemiological Studies On Foot And Mouth Disease (AICRP on FMD) on October 10th -11th , 2014.
  86. XXIII ICAR Regional Committee - Zone VI Meeting Begins at AAU, Anand.
  87. Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Er. Vikho-O-Yhoshu inaugurated TechnologyTransfer Conclave at NRC on Mithun.
  88. Glory of Mussel Culture Stimulates Entrepreneurship in Goa.
  89. Training programme“Understanding SEED and Post harvest Seed STORAGE/HANDLING and Seed Production on rapeseed”.
  90. Research Achievements of NRC on Seed Spices Appreciated.
  91. IPR Cell Assam Agricultural University Jorhat.
  92. IARI Conferred Degree of Doctor of Science on Director-General of FAO.
  93. Diagnostic Field Visit by KVK West Siang and ICAR Conducted.
  94. KVK East Sikkim Strengthens accreditation of horticultural nurseries through NHB Schemes.
  95. Zonal Workshop of ZPD, Zone – VII Inaugurated.
  96. World Coconut Day Observed.
  97. ICAR Regional Committee Meeting Inaugurated at IISR, Lucknow on 5th September, 2014, Lucknow
  98. Brainstorming session on “Insects Related to Veterinary and Fisheries Sciences” inaugurated.
  99. Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Visits KVK, Gumla.
  100. Livelihood Support through Trout Farming in Highlands of Leh Region
  101. A New Variety of Cashew nut Bidhan Jhargram.
  102. Kisan Mela Organized at Leh-Ladakh.
  103. KVK, East Sikkim Opened Farm Field School on IPM on Rice.
  104. Secretary DARE and Director General, ICAR visits Hazaribag KVK 26 th August 2014, Hazaribag.
  105. District level training programme on integrated nutrient management under ATMA West Siang.
  106. Field day on Jhum Improvement.
  107. Jalkund stimulated agri-preneurship in Sikkim through winter vegetable production.
  108. Summary Report of the Training on Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis and its Applications in Biological Sciences.
  109. First Step of Survey Work Completed by ICAR and KVK West Siang.
  110. Training Workshop on Agricultural Communication Organized.
  111. Visit of Dr S Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE & Director General, ICAR toCRURRS (CRRI), Hazaribag.
  112. ICAR Organizing Training-cum-Awareness Program on Organic Crop Production on 26th August, 2014, Sikkim.
  113. Union Minister of Agriculture interacts with scientists of ICAR institutes and KVKs.
  114. The Technology for in vitro production of pomegranate disease transfer.
  115. ICAR and KVK Basar conducted Day Long Discussion with farmersat Old Daring.
  116. Union Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari, visits NRCC.
  117. Survey for TDC-NICRA And Discussion on Problems and Prospects of New Daring Conducted by ICAR And KVK West Siang.
  118. Workshop on “Methods for Isolation of Listeria from clinical and food samples’ Organized.
  119. Launch of “4G NANO” Based Nutritional Agri In-Puts.
  120. Interface Workshop of KVKs Inaugurated.
  121. Workshop on “Biosafety and Detection of GM Crops” Organized.
  122. Arecanut Tissue Culture Technology Commercialized.
  123. Workshop on Brucellosis Organized.
  124. Technological Interventions Ensured Tribals' Livelihood in mango orchads.
  125. Visit of Union Minister of Agriculture to ICAR Research Complex at Goa.
  126. 3rd Interface Meeting on Improvement of Yak Husbandry and Upliftment of Socio- economic Status of Yak rearers in the Country September 22nd to 24th 2014.
  127. Visit to Netherlands and participation in VIV Europe.
  128. 86th Foundation Day and ICAR Award Ceremony.
  129. Zero Tillage Cultivation - A Viable Option For Large Scale Production Of Rapeseed-Mustard In Rice Fallow. (CAU Iroisemba Imphal).
  130. Great Response on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) from Farmers.
  131. Genetic blueprint of bread wheat genome unveiled, last step before full genome sequence.
  132. NRC for Orchids, Sikkim celebrates the 86th ICAR Day
  133. CSSRI Organized Seminar on ICAR Foundation Day
  134. ICAR Foundation Day Celebration at NRC on Meat
  135. Mite Repository at NBAII
  136. National Research Centre on Seed Spices
  137. Union Minister of Agriculture Lauded the work of ICAR Institutes in Bihar
  138. IIPR, Kanpur Organized ICAR Foundation Day.
  139. KVK East Sikkim acknowledges Smart Farmers at Nandok, EastSikkim
  140. IIVR celebrates 86th ICAR foundation Day in the tribal belt of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh
  141. ICAR Foundation Day Celebrations at Directorate of Seed Research (DSR), Mau (UP).
  142. ICAR Foundation Day Celebrated at NAARM, Hyderbad.
  143. IAUA Sponsored Meet of Agricultural University Vice Chancellors at CIFE, Mumbai.
  144. Fish Farmers Day organized by CIFE.
  145. High litter weight achieved by Sirohi Goat.
  146. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh visited and praised NRC on Yak.
  147. Union Minister for Food Processing Industries Appreciated Achievements of CIPHET.
  148. ISS Organized Interactive Workshop on Contingency planning for Kharif crops in Madhya Pradesh.
  149. Buffalo is India's Pride - Dr S. Ayyappan.
  150. XXVII Workshop of AICRP on Biological Control of Crop Pests and Weeds Organised.
  151. Maize Day Celebrated At ICAR, Sikkim Centre.
  152. Interface Meeting on “ District level Contingency Plans in Bihar”.
  153. Review meeting on Date Palm at Mundra.
  154. Scientific Discussion on Potential Applications of LC.
  155. Union Ministers of Agriculture Appreciated Research and Innovation at IARI and NBPGR.
  156. CIARI Celebrated its 36th Foundation Day.
  157. ICAR Regional Committee II Meeting Inaugurated.
  158. Hon'ble President of India Delivered the Convocation Address at JNKVV.
  159. The Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA), Bhubaneswar organized a training programme on ‘Advances in Freshwater Aquaculture’ at its campus during 17th-19th June, 2014 for Punjab fish farmers.
  160. The third and final meeting of 5th Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of the centre was held on 12 & 13th June, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Dr. A. N. Rao, Director (R&D), Centre for Orchid Gene Conservation for the Eastern Himalayan Region, Manipur at the conference hall of the centre.
  161. DOGR Celebrated its 17th Foundation Day.
  162. Directorate of Cashew Research (DCR), Puttur celebrated its foundation day.
  163. Interface Meeting on District Contingency Plans Organized.
  164. Regional Workshop on Integrated Farming System Organized.
  165. U.S. Charge d’ Affaires to CSISA Visited ICAR-RCER, Patna.
  166. Foundation Day and Workshop on Litchi Organized at NRCL, Muzaffarpur.
  167. Interface Meeting on Implementation of District Contingency Plans Organized.
  168. Participatory Water Resource Development Making a Difference.
  169. Training Programmes Organized by CIFT for NEH Region.
  170. Union Minister of Agriculture Visited CSWCRTI, Dehradun.
  171. Another Clone of Adult Murrah Buffalo Lalima born at NDRI.
  172. CIFRI conducted training-cum-workshop programme on ‘Pen aquaculture in beels of Assam’.
  173. CIFRI conducted practical classes for BVSc students of College of Veterinary Science, AAU, Khanapara, Guwahati.
  174. Monitoring and Evaluation of ATMA Activities of KVK West Siang West Siang Conducted.
  175. Interface Meeting on ‘Drought Preparedness for Karnataka’ Organized.
  176. Progressive Farmers learned Hand Pollination Techniques in Kiwifruit.
  177. A workshop on Research Prioritization and Reconciliation in Eastern India was organized at ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region.
  178. Annual Group Meeting of Network Project on Organic Farming Organized.
  179. Zonal Workshop on KVKs of Zone-IV Organized.
  180. Carrot Pusa Rudhira Triggers Profitability and Entrepreneurship.
  181. Brain Storming Session on 'Rainfed Agriculture Research and drought preparedness'.
  182. Progress of DWM, Bhubaneswar Reviewed.
  183. Meeting to Discuss Jharkhand Agricultural Development Vision was Organized.
  184. State Level Research Advisory Committee Meeting was Organized.
  185. Foundation Laid for 23rd KVK of Jharkhand at Torpa.
  186. Entrepreneurial Training Program on ‘Hygienic Pork Production for Retailing’.
  187. NAIP Agri-Biz Idol Camp and Incubation Workshop Inaugurated at IARI.
  188. Tribal Farmers Empowered through Input and Technology Support under TSP and HMNEH-I.
  189. Dr. S. Ayyappan DG, ICAR vistis Rice-Fallow Programme at village ‘Hundru’ in Ranchi.
  190. Biotechnology and Tissue Culture Laboratory Inaugurate.
  191. ICAR Sikkim Centre held State Level Reseach Advisory Committee meeting on 5th May 2014.
  192. NAIP to Organize Agri-Innovation Conclave on 18-19 th May, 2014 at NASC Complex, Pusa, New Delhi.
  193. XXIX Annual Group Meeting of NSP (Crops) Inaugurated at 24th April 2014, Srinagar.
  194. KVK Interface Meet Organized at Jabalpur at 21st April 2014, Jabalpur.
  195. Global Animal Nutrition Conference on "Climate Resilient Livestock Feeding Systems for Global Food Security'’was held at Bengaluru on April 20th - 22nd, 2014.
  196. Hands on Training on “Mechanization and Watershed Development in Hilly Area."
  197. Round the Year Water Availability through Public Participation was held in Gunia which is a small village in Gumla district of Jharkhand.
  198. Training on Post Harvest Management and Packaging of Cymbidium orchids organized at NRC for Orchids, Sikkim on 3rd April, 2014, Pakyong.
  199. NRC on Mithun has celebrated 25 years of its existence.
  200. Inauguration of Administrative building of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Goalpara.
  201. Vanaraja Chick Distribution cum Training Programme Organised By ICAR Sikkim Centre under Poultry Seed Project.
  202. KVK- East Sikkim Promotes and strengthens SHGs of Nandok for Organic Ginger Production under NICRA.
  203. Icar Organized ‘Front Line Demonstration’ on “Livelihood Security Through Lilium Production” Under Hmneh-I.
  204. Training Programme under Tribal Sub Plan Conducted by KVK West Siang.
  205. Emphasis on lentil cultivation is expected to change pulse production scenario in Tripura as well NEH region – “Lentil Germplasm Field Day” and “State Level Meet of Pulse Farmers and Pulse Day 2014” organized at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre, Lembucherra.
  206. Training_Programme_Under_Tribal_Sub_Plan_Conducted_By_Kvk_West_Siang.
  207. District Level Training Programme Under Atma.
  208. Bioinoculant Laboratory Building Inaugurated at CPCRI.
  209. ICAR organized training cum awareness programme on 'Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act-2001.
  210. Farmers Awareness Program on ‘Farm Livestock Management Under Changing Climate’
  211. National Science Day observed at NRC for ORchids, Sikkim on 28th February 2014, Pakyong.
  212. ‘Front Line Demonstration cum Awareness Program on Kiwifruit Production Technology’ Organized by ICAR Sikkim Centre at Yuksom, West Sikkim.
  213. Model Kiwifruit Orchard’ Established in North Sikkim during ‘Front Line Demonstration’ Program of ICAR Sikkim Centre.
  214. National Training on Natural Resource Management for Enhancing Climate Resilience in Mountain Ecosystem.
  215. NRC for Orchids Organized Kisan Mela-2014.
  216. National Training on Natural Resource Management for Enhancing Climate Resilience in Mountain Ecosystem.
  217. Strawberry Cultivation Improved livelihood of Jhumias in Mizoram.
  218. A two-day "Exposure cum Training visit on Bee-Keeping" was conducted by ICAR under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) at Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat on 30-31st Jan 2014.
  219. Visit of the Hon'ble Union Minister Dr. Charan Das Mahant to the Institute on 9th January, 2014.
  220. NICRA Interventions at Climate Smart Village Rasidpur.
  221. Shri Sharad Pawar Inaugurates 85th Annual General Meeting of the ICAR Society.