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Three days training cum distribution programme under NMSHE TF-6 at Lipu namchi village

Three day training programme on Improve agriculture practices for optimum soil and water conservation was conducted during 13, 14 and 16th of January 2016 at Lipu -Namchi village of West Siang District under NMSHE TF-6. During the programme two days hands on training and one day diagnostic field visit was conducted. Dr. Doni Jini, Scientist (Veterinary extension) delivered lectures on optimum uses of water for livestock and poultry and some conservation techniques. Dr. Rajesh A Alone, Scientist (Agroforestry) delivered lectures on importance of jalkund for water conservation and emphasized bamboo and toko palm plantation under jhum field as natural barrier to prevent surface run off of soil. Shri. Badapmein Makdoh, Scientist (Agronomy) suggested different soil and water conservation techniques like contour, half-moon terrace, mulching techniques and inter cropping of different crops. Shr. Puna Oppo, JRF (Soil science) and Mini Riram (lab assistant) NMSHE also attended the programme.

Around 30 farmers were provided some implements like weeder, maize sheller along with vegetable seeds (Ladies finger, beans, brinjal, cucumber, pumpkin, long beans etc) and some veterinary feed supplements. Two farmers were provided Jalkund and low cost poly house.

  Action photographic: Training and diagnostic visit and Lipu namchi under NMSHE TF-6