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State: KVK Namsai Distt. under-ICAR-RC for NEH Region

Success Stories-1

i.Thematic area: Poultry (Breed evaluation)

ii. Title: Introduction of Kamrupa bird

iii. Introduction:Kamrupa dual purpose poultry bird first time introduced in the district

iv): Out come: The performance of 9 months was quite satisfactory and are as follows-
Body weight (8 wks): 500 – 650g
Body weight ( at 40 wks): 1300 – 2200 g
Annual egg production118 – 130 nos

v. Table: Performance of Kamrupa bird

Treatment No. of trials Net return(per bird in Rs.) Egg Production (in 6 month) B:C Ratio Av. Body wt at 40 wks (g) Data on other parameters
Farmer’s Practice:    Newly introduced - - - - -
Technology assessed 6 760 70 4.8:1 1650 -

vi)IMPACT: The performance of the poultry bird was very much satisfactory and the farmers are hatching the eggs by them selves with the help of local birds. They are crossing the poultry birds with local one and getting very good performance.

State: KVK Namsai Distt. under-ICAR-RC for NEH Region

Success Stories-2

i. Thematic area: Integrated farming system
ii. Title: Paddy cum fish cum live stock farming

iii)Introduction: In the district in some areas ample scope is available for cultivation of paddy cum fish along with live stock and horticulture. So KVK introduced the technology for the first time in the district.

iii. Out come:
 Earlier there was no such type of practice throughout the district. Rice (Bahadur/Ranjit/Lahi variety) was shown in the month of May /June and harvested in October-December. Approximate 6-6.5ton/ ha rice has been harvested from the trial area which is 1- 1.5 ton/ ha more in comparison to normal field result. Average fish growth has been found 350 gms (150gm – 850gm) in 180 days. Ducks also grown in the rice field , male ducks ( average 2.5 - 3.5 kg/duck) were sold for meat purpose, Eggs also (rs.10/pc) gave a good return. Fish and duck meats are very preferred among the districts and KVK has successfully introduced the technology and grown up to 8-10 hac area.

iv. Table: Impact

Sl no



After Technology introduced


Rice (Bihari/Ranjit)

4.5-5.0 ton /hac

Rs. @10/kg = 50,000/

6-6.5 ton/hac

Rs. @10/kg = 65,000/


Fish (IMC)/grass carp/ common carp




Rs. @120/kg = 60,000/


Duck- Khaki Campbell



Duck meat- 70-100kg
And egg- 700-800

Meat Rs. @400/Duck = 10,000/
And egg Rs. @10/pc = 8,000/


Total Income


Rs. 50,000/


Rs. 1,43,000/

Now a days this has been accepted by the local farmers and the technology is spreading and expanded upto 12-15 hac area.

  Demonstration on Kamrupa bird  
  Fish cum Duck farming  
  Paddy cum fish cum duck  
  Paddy cum fish with live stock  
  Paddy cumfish