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For various reasons, throughout the world, biodiversity is changing at an unprecedented rate. The most important drivers of this change

The goal of conservation is to support sustainable development by protecting and using biological resources in ways that do not diminish the world’s variety of genes and species or destroy important habitats and ecosystems. In general, it involves activities such as collection, propagation, characterization, evaluation, disease indexing and elimination, storage and distribution. The conservation of plant genetic resources has long been realized as an integral part of biodiversity conservation.

The tools of modern biotechnology are being increasingly applied for plant diversity characterization and undoubtedly they have a major role in assisting plant conservation programmes. However, their value is dependent upon ensuring that biotechnological methods are targeted effectively and utilized as complementary and enabling technologies. It is important to recognize that the effective integration of biotechnology in conservation programmes requires multi-and interdisciplinary co-operation.

The most important means for the conservation, management and protection of bio-resources especially plant resources, is through participation of the people at large for example, tribal people, farmers, ecologists, illiterate villagers etc. Awareness creation among people, school children, students and teachers is very important for conservation of the biodiversity wealth of the region. An appropriate coordination and implementation of policies is necessary by the various ministries, NGOs and individuals in the private sectors of the country. Visionary and sustainable funding policies, organized in concerted action by individual governments and appropriate international organizations would be essential.