FAQ Social Sciences

  1. What is IIFS (Intensive Integrated Farming System)? – This is the system which aims at synergizing different interventions/enterprises in such a way that efficient use of available resources and efficient bio-resource flow would be very effectively realized.
  2. What is the contact number of Kishan Call Centres? – 18001201551 – This is a toll-free number available for the farmers assistance in getting the first hand information regarding any problem related to farming.
  3.  What is conservation agriculture?- This is the method of farming aiming at conserving the available critical resources such as soil nutrients, soil moisture, bio mass etc, which includes zero tillage, cultivation of cereal crop fallow pulses, cover cropping, raised sunken bed cultivation etc apart from the conservation of valuable germplasm and genetic resources.
  4. What is the method of vermicomposting?- it can be raised under the tin sheet or thatch with the tanks having the dimension of 10x3x2ft by introducing superior earthworm culture alongwith cowdung slurry and biomass arranged alternatively.
  5. What is PRA?- Participatory Rural Appraisal. This is the methodology for collecting the data regarding the rural society or assessing the village resources along with the participation of rural communities.
  6. What is ATIC(Agricultural Technology Information Centre)?- This is the cell attached with the agricultural research institutes to act as the single window delivery system to make available the institute technology products, processed products, and other critical inputs and get feedback from the farmers.
  7. What is off-season vegetable production?- to produce year round vegetable production with the minor interventions to overcome the constraints related to seasonality.
  8. What is regulated market?- Regulated markets are the registered markets where fair dealing of commodities between buyers and sellers take place. There are two regulated markets operating in Meghalaya one is Mawoing, Esat Khashi Hills district and second one is Garobadha in West Garo Hills district
  9. What is KVK? KVKs are the technology disseminating organizations generally funded by ICAR to transfer agricultural technologies from research lab of agriculture to farmer’s field and vice versa.
  10. What are the high value and low volume crops grown in Meghalaya?- Strawberry, passionfruit, Capsicum, etc. are the crops and among the floriculture, some specific orchids like Anthurium.