FAQ Plant Pathology

Sl No. FAQ Answer
1. What is the most important disease of rice in this region and how can we manage? Blast is the most important disease of rice. The disease can be managed by:
  • Soaking seeds for 12 hrsnin carbendazim solution @ @ 1.0 g/l.
  • Dipping rice seedling in  carbendazim solution @ 1.0 g/l before transplanting.
  • Spraying tricyclazole @ 0.6g/l at 12 days interval. A sticker should be used along with fungicide
2 How can we manage soft rot of ginger? Rhizome treatment for 30 minutes with Trichoderma @ 5 g/ L/ kg of seed before sowing followed by drenching at one month interval with Metalaxyl @ 2.5 g/ L upon germination.
3 Whether citrus scab can be managed? Yes. Apply Carbendazim @ 2g/ L at 15 days interval from New flush stage.
  Whether maize crop is infected by diseases? Normally in April sown crop, Banded leaf and sheath blight appears and rainy season (June-July) crop Turcicum leaf blight as well as Maydis leaf blight appears. Application of Mancozeb @ 2.5 g/ L manages the diseases.
4 How can we identify virus diseases in crop plants? It is difficult to identify virus diseases on the basis of symptom only. Because the symptoms are usually confused with nutritional deficiency and insect attack. It is recommended that if some abnormality (leaf rolling, curling, yellowing, mosaic, deformation etc.) appear in crops, contact the concerned experts for proper diagnosis.
5 How can we manage virus diseases of plants?  Virus diseases are difficult to control.  First of all proper detection should be done. We can manage virus diseases in crop field by:
  • sowing or planting healthy seeds/planting materials
  • Controlling insect vectors by spraying insecticide
  • Uprooting and burning the infected plants from the field
6 How can we differentiate between healthy and poisonous mushroom? There is no authentic method.