FAQs KVK East Sikkim

What varieties are suitable for Maize?
Hybrid- HQPM and C-1921 varieties are most suitable.
Composite- VS-11, Devki, RCM 1-2
Sweet Corn-S-11.

How soil fertility can be improved?
  - By adding dolomite @ 500-800kg/ha
  - By application of  FYM, vermicompost , bio-fertilizers viz.,  Azotobacter, PSB Azosprillium.
  - Crop rotation with suitable pulses
  - Growing green manuring crops like Dhauncha (Sesbania)

What is the use of dolomite?
Soil of Sikkim is acidic in nature. Dolomite is used to reduce the acidity of the soil and it is applied through broadcasting @ 2-2.5 tons/ha and in furrow @ 500-800 kg/ha before 10-15 days of sowing depending upon soil acidity.

What is the optimum time of sowing Kharif and Rabi vegetables?
Kharif vegetables are sown in the month of March-April and Rabi vegetables are sown in the month of October.

What is the main diseases of vegetable in nursery stage and control measures?
Damping off & root rot are the main disease in nursery stage.
Control- Use 5g/sq.mt. Trichoderma powder before sowing of seed in nursery bed.

What are the improved varieties of Tomato for East Sikkim?
Megha Tomato-2&3 are good improved varieties suitablem for East Sikkim.

Name of Okra varieties suitable for East Sikkim?
Kranti, Cristal 999, Arca Anamica are the best varieties suitable for East Sikkim.

What is the best time for sowing Okra?
The month of April to June is the best time for sowing Okra.

What are the good breeds of backyard  Poultry for East Sikkim?
Vanaraja, Giriraja and Gramapriya are the good breeds of backyard poultry.

What are the main diseases of Cattle?
FMD is the main disease of Cattle and it can be controlled by Raksha-FMD 3ml/lit.