Training Cum Capacity Building Programme on Scientific Farming organized in Dumti ADC, West Tripura

One day farmers’ awareness cum training program on “improved farming interventions for livelihood security of hill farmers” under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) was organized by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre in collaboration with KVK, West Tripura at Dumti ADC, West Tripura on 19th January, 2019. About 100 tribal famers attended the program. The program was conducted with the objective to acquaint the farmers on various improved agricultural technologies for their possible implementation in the village under TSP program of ICAR Research Complex, Tripura Centre with the ultimate aim of enhancing livelihood of Tribal farmers. The major emphasis of the program was on low cost technologies and mostly based on locally available resources for income and livelihood improvement. Dr. Anup Das, Principal Scientist (Agronomy), Dr. Gulab Singh Yadav, Scientist (Agronomy), and Dr. Vinay Singh, Scientist (Poultry Science) ICAR Research Complex, Tripura Centre, and Dr. Mandira Chakroborti, Sr. Scientist & Head (I/C) and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Ray, SMS (soil science), KVK, Belbari, West Tripura interacted with farmers and discussed their problem in details and provided a range of technological options to improve productivity, income, livelihood. During interaction with the farmers, it was learnt that water scarcity during winter season, lack of knowledge on season specific crops, non-availability of quality seeds, local livestock breeds, poor mechanization, lack of skills and capacity among the farmers are major causes of low productivity and income of farmers in the area. It was also learnt during the interaction session that most of the area after harvest of rice remains fallow except few farmers cultivates potato, vegetables etc. Farmers shown keen interest on cultivation of pea, lentil, rapeseed-mustard after rice. Also to utilize pre-monsoon rainfall, farmers expressed their desire to cultivate cowpea, okra, bitter gourd etc. Realising the high yield potential of Gomati Dhan, farmers agreed to cultivate it for high yield and short duration. Maize is the choice of many farmers after harvest of rice due to it higher demand in Tripura. Farmers also asked for improved poultry, goat, pig etc. for enhancing income from farming. After the interaction programme a field visit was organized to get first-hand information about prospects and problems of implementing improve interventions in the village. Farmers expressed their keen interest in working with ICAR in a participatory approach for overall development of the villagers.

Training moment at Dumti ADC village