Three days training programme on “Integrated Farming System (IFS) for Livelihood Security” and Doubling of Farmers Income” organized at farming system unit of ICAR Research Complex, Umiam

A three day’s training programme on “Integrated Farming System (IFS) for Livelihood Security and Doubling Farmers Income was organized at farming system unit of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam under the AICRP-IFS (TSP) during 12-14th January, 2021. The training programme was being organized with an objective of enhance the system productivity and income of farmers through integration of different enterprises like cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fodders, vegetables, fruits, livestocks and fishery in farming system approach. About 30 participants from different villages of Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya viz., Kyrdem, Pynthor, Mynsain and attended the programme. The importance of IFS and conservation of natural resources for sustainable hill farming was emphasized in the above said training programme. Role of scientific integration of different enterprises likes crops and livestocks were highlighted for enhancing the total system productivity and food and nutritional security of farmers. Field visits to different farming system models and organic farm of the institute were done. Demonstrations on no-till cultivation of pea, mustard, French bean, lentil in maize fallow, pond dike intensification, vertical cropping etc. were done. Practical demonstrations vis-a-vis hands on training in quality compost preparation including vermicompost, vermiwash and organic insect pest management of different crops were done. The role of livestocks especially cattle, pigs, goats and poultry in IFS for enhancing income and supply of quality manure were emphasized in the programme. A scientists and farmers’ interaction programme was also organized regarding problems faced by the farmers on nutrient deficiency, animal production, vaccination programmes for livestocks, insect pest and disease management etc. Various inputs like improved seeds of vegetables, mushroom spawn, organic pesticides and small farm tools like knapsack sprayer, watering can etc. were also distributed to the farmers. The programme was organized by Dr. Jayanta Layek, Dr. Krishnappa R, Dr. Sandip Patra and Dr. Rakesh Kumar with active support of Ms. Moutusi Tahasildar and Mr. Abhishek Singh (SRFs) and other technical staffs of the farming system unit.