State Level Workshop on “Scientific Management of Fall Armyworm in Maize Production”.

6th June, 2019, KVK Namsai: One day State level workshop on “Scientific Management of Fall Armyworm (FAW) in Maize Production” was organized by ICAR RC for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar in collaboration with KVK, Namsai on 6th June, 2019. The programme saw a total of 118 participants including 12 officials State Agriculture and Allied Department from Tezu, Tirap, Changlang, Deomali and Namsai and 106 progressive farmers. The programme began with the felicitation of the dignitaries with a memento. In the programme Prof. V. K. Kawatra, Vice Chancellor, AAU, Namsai was the Chief Guest,  Shri J. K. Jawal, ADF, and Dr. R. D. Jindal, DVO Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh were Guest of Honour, Dr. H. Kalita,Joint Director, AP, Centre Basar was Programme Leader, Dr. G. T. Behere, Principal Scientist and Head, Crop Protection, ICAR, Umiam was Resource Person and Dr. Manish Kanwat, Senior Scientist, KVK Namsai and Dr. Ampee Tasung, Scientist, Soil Science were Programme Convener. Dr. H. Kalita delivered the welcome address and emphasized that farmers as well as state officials to be attentive in the programme and take precaution on incidence of FAW infestation in Maize and other crop in the near future. In the technical session, Dr. G. T. Behere, highlighted that genetic makeup of FAW speciesfound in Arunachal Pradesh is same with that in America and Africa and that the management practices of FAW in America and Africa can be adopted by the farmers here. However, he suggested the best method to manage FAW in Arunachal Pradesh is through organic methods. Prof. V. K. Kawatra, addressed the participants to take preventive measures detailed as detailed in the technical session and added his appreciation for the tremendous hardwork carried out by ICAR, Basar and KVK, Namsai for the programme. Many participants raised their queries on management of FAW through organic approach. To which, Dr. G. T. Behere accepted the queries and replied by showing the affordable and feasible organic methods viz. pheromone trap, whorl application with sand, intercropping with pulses, using of bio-agents, etc. During the field visit at KVK Namsai, farm, Dr. G. T. Behere mentioned to look out for symptoms of FAW infestation like papery windows in leave and leave defoliation through constant monitoring. All participant including State Agriculture and Allied Department officials and progressive farmers unanimously appreciated the programme and suggested that such effective programmes should be conducted again in the near future. The programme was successfully come to an end with vote of thanks by Dr.Manish Kanwat.