State Level Workshop on “Scientific Management of Fall Armyworm in Maize Production”

23rd August, 2019, ICAR, Basar: ICAR Research Centre for NEH Region Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar organised the second phase of one day State level workshop on “Scientific Management of Fall Armyworm (FAW) in Maize Production” on 23rd August, 2019 at Trainees’ hostel, Gori Farm, ICAR, Basar. The objective of the workshop is to disburse awareness about FAW infestation in Maize crop and to prevent massive crop damage by FAW in Arunachal Pradesh. About 30 participants including officials of State Agriculture and Allied Department from Leparada, West Siang and Upper Siang Districts and progressive farmers participated in the programme.

The programme started with welcome speech from Dr. C. S. Raghav, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, West Siang. Then, Dr. H. Kalita, Joint Director, AP, Centre Basar, Programme leader, in his speech emphasize that management of FAW is imperative to prevent yield loss of Maize as it is an important crop in Arunachal Pradesh. Dr. Later, G. T. Behere, Principal Scientist and Head, Crop Protection, ICAR, Umiam, Resource Person, delivered his speech on importance of spreading awareness of FAW as it is polyphagus and voracious feeder. He also added that FAW are known to have ability to develop resistant against pesticides. Therefore, other approach like biological, physical and cultural methods should be used for FAW management.

In the technical session, Dr. G. T. Behere delivered his presentation on “Occurrence of Invasive Pest and their Potential for damaging crops in NEH Region”. The topics in the presentation includes trans-boundary insect migration in NER due to porous international borders and unregulated movement of commodities, invasive pest management, FAW identification and management at farmers level using low cost pheromone traps or bird perches, deep summer ploughing, whorl application with sand, intercropping with legumes and other crops, bioagents etc. However, he suggested that organic management as best method for controlling FAW in Arunachal Pradesh as the mandate of the state is to become an organic state. Later the session was open for discussion and participants raised their queries on effectiveness of the organic management of FAW through organic approach. Dr. G. T. Behere accepted the queries and replied that organic methods of FAW management will not disturb the natural ecosystem. Dr. G. T. Behere also showed the prime symptoms of FAW infestation viz. papery windows in leave and leave defoliation through constant monitoring in his presentation.

Participants appreciated the programme and suggested that such brain storming programmes should be conducted again in the near future. The programme successfully came to an end with vote of thanks from Dr.Doni Jini, Scientist, VEE.

Presentation of bouquet to Dr. G. T. Behere, Principal Scientist and Head, Crop Production Division, ICAR RC NEH, Umiam by Dr. H. Kalita, Joint Director, ICAR, Basar
State level workshop on Scientific Management of FAW in Maize Production at ICAR RC NEH, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar