Review on Advanced Animal Diseases Diagnosis and Management Consortium held at ICAR.

The Third Annual Review meet on the Advanced Animal Diseases Diagnosis and Management Consortium (ADMaC) was held at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Umiam today (13th June 2018). The event was attended by Dr A Chakraborty Project Co-ordinator, Dr S. N Das Senior Consultant, Dr Lal Krishna Senior Consultant, Dr Md Aslam Advisor DBT, Dr K.M Bujarbaruah VC AAU, and Dr. Narendra Prakash, Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam. The scientist and the technical staff of the institute also participated in the daylong event.

The objective of the meeting was to review the progress made and to plan the strategy for further development of the region. Partners from all the eight North Eastern states participated in the review meet. The institute is located in a strategic position, the international borders are open which leads to a cross border transmission of animals and diseases. A study and preparedness is required to handle any outbreak of exotic diseases. In the review meet models of development were formulated. Piggery off late is an integral part of the region needs special attention. The meat sector has grown in the course of time and the meat requirement of the region is fulfilled. The meeting is of tactical importance as the inputs from the ground zero level is sorted and unique programmes designed for the expansion of the sector.

The event also witnessed a series of book and manual releases to name a few Connect NER Vets was launced the address book includes addresses, contact numbers, e mail IDs of Veterinary institutes, KVKs, State Veterinary Departments, Veterinary Scientists, Vety Officers of NER, Partners of ADMaC and Referal Veterinary Disease Diagnosis Laboratories distributed in India for exchange of information and easy communication. ADMaC Mobile application was also launched the App provides firsthand information on clinical and gross changes of important infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. It helps the Farmers, Field Assistants, Field Veterinary Doctors to tentatively diagnose, the ailment and enables them to take appropriate measures to contain the disease namely Duck Plague, Brucellosis, CSF, Anthrax, ORF, Swine Pox, Procinecirco virus, PPR and Listeriosis. In addition disease forewarning is also included for the top 5 livestock diseases (CSF, FMD, BQ, HS and Fascioliasis) reported in NER. In-house Indirect ELISA for detection of CSFV antibodies in serum and plasma from pigs using RK 13 adapted cell cultured viral antigen (IPR being applied) Number of kits of indigenous origin is available in the country for the sero-screening of CSF in India. The currently used kits are imported and are very expensive in terms of cost. The work has been carried out during 2014-17 and utilizes a novel rabbit kidney 13 cell line adapted virus. The Kits were handed over to all the eight NER State Disease Investigation Labs for second ring validation. The other manuals launched during the programme were Biennial Progress report, 2016-18, Standard Diagnostic Protocol, Booklet on Sampling plan for surveillance of Livestock diseases in North East Region, a CD was also entitled Database of Indian Classical Swine Fever Virus Sequences.