KVK RI-BHOI Organized Training Cum Awareness Programme on “PPV&FRA, 2001”


KVK Ri-Bhoi organized one day Training-Cum-awareness programme on 26th March 2018, at the KVK conference hall to aware about the local germplasm collection, conservation and registration for protection of their varieties. The programme was atatended by 105 farmers representing 6 villages. The Chief Guest Hon’able MLA of Umroi Constituency Shri George B. Lyngdoh expressed his happiness for being of a part of the programme and further encouraged the farmers to register their unique crops so as to safeguard their forefather’s seeds. He also briefly explained about the importance of the PPV and FRA for everyone in today’s world and urged the farmers to listen attentively and to utilized their own rights and resources in a proper manner. He also emphasized that the seeds are the farmers’ wealth and once lost will never get back. So safeguarding and conserving the seeds are the needs of the hour in the district in particular and NE Region in particulars today.

Dr. N. Prakash, Director, ICAR RC NEH Umiam, Meghalaya said that the right was framed in India only and not in any other country of the world. He expressed his happiness about the awareness programme, which are being conducted by all the KVKs of the North East Region of India. He encouraged and urged the farmers to come forward and submit their application in ICAR and KVK- Ri-Bhoi for registration.

Dr. A. K. Singha, Principal Scientist, ICAR- ATARI, Zone-VII, Umiam, urged the farmers that the KVKs are in a very close relationship with the farmers to conduct the programme and register their seeds and planting materials through them. He further informed the farmers about the importance of the acts and that the farmers play a very crucial role in preserving seeds and contribute towards quality seed production and development of agricultural germplasm. He encouraged the farmers to conserve, preserve the seeds and to register their seeds with the authority.

Dr. A. K. Misra, Principal Scientist and Officer-in-charge NBPGR, Regional Station, ICAR, Umiam, had delivered a lecture on the importance of PPV &FRA and the role of the NBPGR. He also encourage the farmers to register their seed to the authority through KVK or ICAR and also to NBPGR.

Dr. A.H. Khan, Deputy Registrar PPV & FR, Guwahati, talked about the  benefits of the acts for doubling of farmers income. He also delivered a lecture on implementation of PPV & FRA 2001.

Dr. A. K. Singh, Plant Variety Examiner, PPV & FRA Guwahati talked about the work done by the authority. He also delivered a lecture on the role of the farmers’ for the Act and how they can put forward their application and apply for registration.

A farmers’ variety fare and farmers scientist interaction was also organized to address the issues of biodiversity conservation and registration of their varieties under the act.  About 10 farmers varieties viz. Paddy (4 nos.), French bean (2 nos.), Bhindi (1 no.), Cow pea (1 no.), Foxtail millet (1 no.) and ginger (1 no.) were selected from the exhibition by Dr. Utpal Barua SMS (Horticulture), and filled the necessary information in required forms and submitted to PPV & FRA authority of Guwahati on the spot. Earlier, Dr Mokidul Islam, Senior Scientist and Head of KVK Ri-Bhoi, welcomed the dignitaries and briefly explained the objective of the programme. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Shri. Bankitkupar Mukhim SMS ( Fishery), KVK Ri Bhoi.


Honurable MLA Umroi Constituency Mr. George B. Lyngdoh, During his remarks as Chief Guest


Selection of Farmers Varieties for Submission of Information to PPVFRA Guwahati Office


Farmers varieties under display