One day Capacity building programme for improving livelihood farmers organized at North Tripura

One day capacity building programme on integrated farming system for improving livelihood of small and marginal farmers was organized by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region in collaboration with KVK Panisagar, North Tripura on 28th December 2019. The objective of programme was to develop skill and capacity the farmers on integrated farming system (IFS) for enhancing productivity, nutrition and income. The programme was organized under SCSP supported project on “Empowering small and marginal farmers through location specific Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) in Tripura”. A total of 50 farmers of Madhavpur village had attended the programme. The programme initiated with the field visit of the Scientists of ICAR Tripura Centre and experts from KVK to the village.  It was observed that Gomati rice out performed Swarna and Puja varieties of rice in farmers’ fields as second crop  (Aman) after Aus rice.

 Dr. Anup Das elaborated about SCSP project and its objectives to the participating farmers. He also described the success story of Mr. Biswajit Majumdar, a farmer from South Tripura earning Rs. 25 lakh / annum by integrating crop production, fisheries, apiculture and other farming activities and received national award as innovative farmer. Dr. Das further mentioned about Mr. Nepal Debnath, a farmer from Brahmanpuskuni village, West Tripura, who is earning approximately Rs. 9 -10 lakh/ha/annum through his integrated vegetable based farming system model to encourage the farmers towards adoption of improved farming practices to double their income. Dr. Ranjeet Singh Godara described the farmers to generate income from livestock production and their management practices. He stressed on the importance of vaccination and building of proper ventilated bamboo shed for livestock to protect them from winters. Dr. Saumendra Kumara and Shri Ranadhir Sarma, SMS from KVK Panisagar also interacted with the farmers on various aspects of nutrition and disease management of livestock and improved crop production practices.

Dr. Gulab Singh Yadav interacted with the farmers and advised them to cultivate high value demand oriented vegetable crops during pre (March to May)-and post (December to March) rice season. He further suggested replacing the long duration second rice (Aman rice in Aus-Aman system) by Gomati or short duration vegetables viz., maize, kheera (Cucumber), bitter gourd, ash gourd, pumpkin, vegetable pea, lentil etc., along with the practice of zero tillage or minimum tillage and residue retention to enhance their income and sustain the productivity of soil.

Mr. Pradyut Nath, Vice Chairman, Panisagar Nagar Panchayat and Mr. Dhananjay Nath, a social worker advised the farmers to put their labour with correct knowledge and to utilize the technology learnt in the programme for upgrading their income and livelihood. The program ended with critical inputs distribution which included a total of 4 numbers of improved breed (Mali and Mali x Hampshire) of piglets with starter feed, 500 BND breed of poultry with starter feed, 2 electric water pumps (1.5 Hp) with accessories, 1 power operated spray machine, 5 rose cans and vegetable seeds viz., cowpea 10 kg, hybrid maize 10 kg, okra 3 kg etc. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri Ranadhir Sharma, SMS (Agronomy), KVK Panisagar.

Farmer scientist interaction
Distribution of piglet Distribution
Critical input distribution for livelihood improvement