Observation of the 14th Parthenium Awareness Week,2019 by KVK Longding Kanubari 22nd Aug

The KVK Longding, Kanubari spearheaded by Dr A. Kirankumar Singh, i/c Senior Scientist & Head observed the “14th Parthenium Awareness Week, 2019” at St. Savio School, Kanubari with 110 nos of students of Class-VIII to Class-X along with 5 teachers in a befitting manner. The students were well informed and made awared about the notorious weed parthenium by showing the weed plant for identification to the students and explained the health hazards to human being, Integrated Management of Parthnium, Biological Control of Parthenium, Compost making from Pathenium, etc in detail. The students were very much enthusiastic to know in details about the weed and co-operated to remove the weed from the growing area. They assured Dr Singh for transferring their knowledge to their parents and neighbours about the menace of this weed and needs to control this weed. Lastly, Dr Singh express his gratitude to the Principal, St. Savio School, Kanubari for co-operating in this venture to make the programme a successful one.