NAAS Regional Chapter Meet organized at ICAR Research Complex Umiam.

A one day meeting was convened by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), Regional Chapter, Patna for the region of Assam, West Bengal and North East in collaboration with ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam today (12/7/18) for the first time. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. A. K. Singh, Secretary, NAAS. The event was attended by Dr. Ashok Kumar, ADG, Animal Sciences, Dr. B. P. Bhatt, Director, ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna, Dr. A. Pattanayak, Director, VPKAS, Almora and Dr. Narendra Prakash, Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam.

A number of contemporary issues were discussed in the meeting pertaining to the agricultural development in the North Eastern Region. The presentations ranged from the emergence of trans-boundary diseases in the region to crop and animal bio diversity conservation issues. It was suggested to enhance conservation of indigenous biological resources and adopt conservation measures. The experts were of the opinion that there should be enhanced documentation of diversity encountered in the region. Furthermore diagnostic and surveillance measures for trans-boundary, crop and animal diseases should be ensured.

The academy strongly suggested that a BSL-III laboratory facility in the region at ICAR RC for NEH, Umiam would be of contextual importance in order to intensify efforts to contain threat of trans-boundary diseases and save huge monetary loss. There was a proposal to have more of such NAAS interactive platforms in the North Eastern Regions in partnership with state governments in the near future. More than 100 participants from CPGS, ATARI, ICAR RC for NEH Region, Umiam attended the NAAS chapter meet.