KVK Longding-A Helping Hand for the Farmers.

Kanubari, 27th Aug.,2019-08-27      A team comprising of Dr A. Kirankumar Singh, i/c Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Longding and Dr Tilling Tayo, SMS (Animal Science) visited the farmer’s field Langhoju Village under Kanubari circle and monitored the crop conditions in the jhumland. The team had an interaction with Shri Towang Wangham’s mother and betterhalf and enquired about other crops grown after the harvest of the jhum paddy. They observed that the jhumland was covered with different crops. The farmer grows colocasia, tapioca, chilli, cowpea, arecanut, mesta, pyrilla, etc. other than paddy. In the jhum paddy field arecanut was planted. The humble lady expressed her gratitude towards the team because the members interacted freely and frankly expressing their readiness to help her family with possible technical guidance and input in terms of seeds of the crops they are ready to grow. The paddy grown was the local variety but of sticky in nature with aroma (Wangcho Joha) as expressed by the lady which is preferred by the local people. Till today the concerned farmer did not replace his seeds with HYVs or hybrids as he has been growing crops with his preserved seeds due to which the production is less compared to HYVs and hybrids. Moreover, the farmers has not adopied any soil fertility management practices because of which his production is decreasing year by year. In this regards, the team advised the farmer to adopt the soil conservation measures in order to get higher production of the crops. They also suggested to grow the exhaustive crops like tapioca, colocasia, etc. nearby the border areas not inside the cropping areas. Lastly, the team assured of possible help through provision of the seeds of high yielding varieties of different crops he is going to grow in the ensuing season.