Exposure Visits to RRTC Umran

KVK West Garo Hills organized Exposure Visits to RRTC Umran Ri Bhoi district w.e.f 26th to 28th July 2019. The tour was lead by Ms Virginia Thabah along with total number of 8 participants belonging to various SHG of different villages of Aminda Rangsa, Rimrangpara and Marapara. At the very beginning a lecture on Integrated Farming system was delivered by Mr Joseph an official as well as Resources person from RRTC Umran, then the participants visited many units of RRTC like integrated farming System (IFS) which comprise of Azola unit, Key hold farming, Piggery and Poultry unit, Kitchen garden, Cool storage unit, Bee Keeping unit, making of insecticides or pesticides from cattle urine unit, and fishery pond unit. Thereafter we visited Honey processing unit and Sir Joseph explain to the participants on the major profits obtained from rearing bee for honey which is a good business for the farmers. Then the participants were taken to visits the compost unit by Mr Kulen and he explained to us about different types of compost ie vermicompost, vermin wash, Berkeley compost and cowdung compost and also grinding and packaging of these compost were shown and explained. The participants then visited the processing unit, Mr Malcom an RRTC Incharge explained to us about processing and packaging of turmeric, he also explain to us about processing of fruit wine and pickle and also about packaging and labelling. Livestock unit and nursery unit were also visited. The programme ended with a grateful thanks to the Director of RRTC Umran and also to the Incharge of RRTC for all arrangements and to all the staffs for their kind help and valuable suggestions for making the programme a successful one.

Exposure Visit to RRTC Umran
Visit to IFS unit
Visit to Honey processing unit
Visit to compost unit
Visit to processing unit