KVK Ri-Bhoi successfully completed Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan

The KVK-Ri-Bhoi, ICAR, Umiam in collaboration with state departments had successfully completed the Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan programmes from 1st June 2018 to 15 August 2018 in 22 villages of Ri-Bhoi district Meghalaya, one of the aspirational districts of the country. Under this programme; a total of 440 NADEP compost pits were constructed at farmers field. To enhance knowledge and skills of farmers on new technologies and agricultural practices, a total of 74 training programmes were conducted, benefiting 2857 farmers; out of which seven numbers of training programme on beekeeping ( 211 participants), six numbers of training programme on mushroom cultivation ( 283 participants) nine numbers of training programme on kitchen gardening ( 365 participants) were conducted. One three days on-campus training programme was also organized. Trainings cum demonstrations on micro irrigation system benefiting 50 farmers, six numbers of training on integrated farming practices benefitted 748 farmers, farming & nursery management of fruits plants, Aquaculture production, Pig farming, Vermicomposting, water harvesting, Protected cultivation & Plantation technology of fruits and orchard, Pest & disease management in horticulture crops and Post harvest management of horticultural crops, etc. were being conducted in 22 selected villages of Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya. The participants were enthusiastic about the training programmes and insisted that they would adopt the various technologies and practices as outlined in the training programmes.

In order to maintain soil health and better crop yield with soil fertility management, about 742 Soil Health Cards were distributed with instructions on proper recommendation. Animal health camps on bovine vaccination (FMD) with 100 % saturation, Sheep and goats vaccination (PPR) with 100 % saturation and Artificial Insemination in 2037 animals were rganized in the selected villages of Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya. Distributed inputs like soybean 2000 minikits containing 1600 kg seed with biofertilisers benefitted 838 farmers, distributed 11376 numbers horticulture/agro forestry/bamboo/fruit saplings to 2385 farmers, 486 numbers small agricultural implements distributed to 501 farmers and bio waste decomposer 1800 bottles were distributed to farmers.

Training on mushroom
Training on Beekeeping
Distribution of Minikits of Soybean   
Training on kitchen garden
Training on NADEP pit making
A NADEP compost Pit with Waste Decomposer
Review of KKA progress by Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh
A NADEP compost Pit with Waste Decomposer
Training on Aquaculture
Review Meeting of KKKA with DC Ri-Bhoi
Artificial Insemination
Distribution of minikits of soybean & SHC
Vaccination in Sheep & Goat for PPR
Bovine vaccination for FMD
Distribution of Horticulture/Agroforestry/Bamboo plants
Distribution of Farm implements