IMPCC meet held at ICAR Research complex for NEH, Umiam today

Inter- media Publicity coordination committee held its monthly meet for the month of July at ICAR Research complex for NEH, Umiam. It is an open forum in which the activities of the various organizations are highlighted. The scopes for improvement are also discussed. Prior to the IMPCC meet the director of the institute (ICAR Research complex for NEH) Dr N Prakash launched the newsletter and audio-visual news of KIARN. KIRAN is an interactive web portal hosted at ICAR Research complex for NEH, Umiam. The efforts of ICAR were lauded by the all the IMPCC members representing the various government organizations. The journey of KIRAN began on the 16th of July 2012, with the motive to take agricultural technologies at the tip of a farmer’s hand. KIRAN was launched with a motive to bring a change in the society with the use of technology and the apt use of technology can be seen in the knowledge repository. To keep pace with the changing times and to improvise the use of technologies, innovations are adapted in the system of KIRAN to provide better and fruitful results. The newsletter and audio-visual news will bridge the gap and enhance the sharing of the information under the domain of agriculture from around the corner especially from the region.