The ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region also celebrated the 72nd Republic Day on the 26th of January 2021. To mark the day the national flag was unfurled by the Director of the institute Dr. V. K. Mishra in the presence of the scientific community and the staff of the institute. Addressing the gathering he said that there are three aspects of good governance, integrity, transparency, and team work and the institute will work on these principles to achieve an international repute. We all should imbibe the quality of integrity in our day to day lives, and team work leads to success we cannot achieve alone, and we need to adopt transparency in our way of life. It is much needed to lead a good honest life. We should also follow clarity in our thought process. As the saying goes a healthy mind is a healthy body. If we are in harmony with our mind nothing is impossible to achieve. Wishing a very happy republic day he urged everyone to discharge their duties honestly; keeping in mind that we are a part of nation building and our contributions will benefit our future generations. Our children will reap the benefit of a better India. The environment is healing and our motto should be “refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle”.  We should work together to protect our environment from deforestation; plant more trees for a cleaner earth for our children.