ICAR-NOFRI Educated Haryana farmers on Organic Farming Techniques.

ICAR-National Organic Farming Research Institute (ICAR-NOFRI), Tadong successfully organized “5-day Inter State Training on Organic Farming for Farmers and Officers of Kurukshetra, Haryana during March 4-8, 2019 in collaboration with North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management (NERIWALM), Tezpur, Assam. The program was sponsored by Haryana Irrigation Research and Management Institute (HIRMI), Kurukshetra, Haryana.A team of 22progressive farmers and officers visited ICAR-NOFRI to get equipped with Organic Farming technologies.

During the program, Dr. R.K. Avasthe, Joint Director, ICAR-NOFRI highlighted the importance of organic farming and motivated the Haryana farmers and officers to adopt organic farming on large scale. He said that pesticide and fungicide consumption is very high in Haryana state and to avoid the ill effect of these chemicals organic farming is the best option. He also congratulated everybody on World Women’s Day and said that women are the main work force behind organic farming especially in the hilly regions of the country. He also discussed in detail the concept of physico-chemical and microbiological properties of soil and soil health management for organic crop production. Joint Director also distributed certificates and various ‘Extension Folders on Organic Production Technologies’ to the trainees.

Dr. Ashish Yadav, Senior Scientist (Horticulture) coordinated the 05-day training program. He welcomed all the participants and briefed about the various talks and activities undertaken during 5-day training program. Dr. Yadav detailed on the ‘Organic fruit production techniques; and ‘Organic vegetable production techniques’.

Dr. Manjunath and Dr. Victoria Devi, Assistant Professors, NERIWALM coordinated the visit of Haryana farmers and played important role in organizing 5-day training program. In their address, both thanked Joint Director, ICAR-NOFRI in organizing this training program in Sikkim in collaboration with NERIWALM.

Shri Gurjinder Singh and Shri Mandeep, Assistant Directors, HIRMI also thanked Joint Director, ICAR-NOFRI in organizing this training program in Sikkim in collaboration with NERIWALM and appreciated the contents of training program and the efforts of all Scientists in delivering talks.

Dr. Yashoda Pradhan, Ex-CEO, Sikkim State Organic Certification Agency, Govt. of Sikkim discussed in detail the ‘Organic Certification and Traceability’. She said that organic certification is essential to reach appropriate market and obtain premium price for the organic produce.

During the 05-day training program; Dr. Raghavendra Singh, Senior Scientist (Agronomy) discussed about and conservation agricultural practices for field crop production’ and ‘Organic farming and organic production standards’; Dr. Chandan Kapoor, Scientist SS (Plant Breeding) talked on ‘Seed production in organic farming’; Shri Shaon K. Das, Scientist (Soil Science) deliberated on ‘Modern techniques for organic nutrient management; Dr. Manjunath, Assistant Professor, NERIWALM discussed the soil sampling procedures’;Dr. Sudip Kumar Dutta, Scientist SS (Horticulture) briefed on ‘Organic production of tuber crop; Dr. Matber Singh, Scientist SS (Agroforestry) discussed the ‘Role of agroforestry for enhancement of crop production in organic farming’; Dr. Chandramani Raj, Scientist (Plant Pathology) talked on ‘Insect pest management in organic production system’; Dr. Shweta Singh, Scientist (Plant Pathology) talked on ‘Organic oyster mushroom production techniques’ and ‘Disease management in organic production system’; and Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Principal Scientist, (Animal Reproduction) discussed the ‘Dairy, backyard poultry and goat management techniques and their role in organic farming’.

During the training program, all the members also visited the ICAR-NOFRI Research Farm and were briefed about the ongoing research and development activities. Giving the feedback of the program, Shri Karanjit Singh, Shri Gurdayal Singh, Progressive Farmers of Haryana and Shri Nathu Ram, Command Area Development Agency, Haryana appreciated the efforts of ICAR-NOFRI in organizing the training program. During valedictory program, Dr. Sudip Kumar Dutta, Scientist SS (Horticulture) proposed the vote of thanks and Shri S.M. Kandwal (Sr. Technical Officer) moderated the program. Mrs. Rajeni Pradhan, Mr. Bandhan Chettri, Mr. Navin Chand Yadav and Ms. Reeni Pradhan assisted actively in organizing the program.


Issued by – ICAR-NOFRI, Gangtok