ICAR-NOFRI Conducted Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Scientific Pig Farming.

A three day training programme for rural unemployed youth on entrepreneurship development through scientific pig farming under Tribal Sub Plan Project has been conducted at ICAR-National Organic Farming Research Institute during March 14-16, 2019.  A total of 29 nos. of pig farmers from East, North and West Districts of Sikkim have actively participated in the training programme. The farmers attended the programme were from villages Namrang, lower Aho,  and Aritar- Rhenock of East Sikkim; Tikpur, Yangthang and Okhrey from West Sikkim and Lingdong, Shagyong busty, Gor, Taryang, Upoper Barfok,  and Lingdong from West Sikkim. The training programme covered 10 lectures and two hands on training on housing, feeding, breeding, reproductive, preventive and therapeutic management of pigs under different housing systems.

Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Principal Scientist (Animal Reproduction) and Coordinator of the training programme detailed and demonstrated to the trainees the scientific management of pigs under different housing systems particularly the methods of floor preparation including the management of piglets in creep area under deep litter housing system that was designed and developed at ICAR-NOFRI, Tadong with locally available natural resources for the state of Sikkim. He informed that the technology has been extended and demonstrated to the farmers as it maintains the behavioural needs of the pigs under organic farming. Dr. Islam also showed the methods for maintenance of hygienic and bio-security measures in the farms premises for protecting the pigs from various diseases and breeding and reproductive management of pigs. He also reiterated that the farmers undertake pig farming as an enterprise for self employment as the pregnancy period of pig is very short in comparison to other livestock. He invited the participants to utilize the know-how gained during the three days training program for increasing production of piglets and pork through scientific pig farming and disseminating the technologies to others in their respective areas.

Dr. Ashish Yadav, Senior Scientist (Horticulture) talked about integration of pig farming with organic vegetable production. He also demonstrated the technologies to the farmers for year round organic vegetable production under low cost plastic tunnel. He specifically mentioned about the emerging fruit production in Sikkim like cultivation of kiwi fruits including other important fruit like Sikkim mandarin.

Dr. Raghavendra Singh, Senior Scientist (Agronomy) deliberated upon organic crop production to support the pig farming through supply of organic feed ingredients. He also demonstrated the technologies about the organic conservation agriculture practices for major field crop production in Sikkim.

Dr. Sudip Kumar Dutta, Scientist (Horticulture) discussed about the integration of pig farming with organic fruit production.

Mr. Shaon Kumar Das, Scientist (Soil Science) highlighted the role of pig manure in enriching soil with more nutrient and other essential organic matter for increased production of crops and vegetables.

Dr. Mukesh Bhat, Scientist (Veterinary Microbiology) interacted with farmers and explained the importance of immunization of pigs to protect them from infectious diseases.

Dr. P. K.  Pathak, SMS (Animal Science), KVK, Ranipool emphasized on the method of pig feeding by incorporation of low cost locally available feed resources to minimize the cost of feeding and discussed the preventive and therapeutic management of pigs for various diseases.          

At the end each participant was provided with 25 nos. of Vanaraja day old chicks and essential vitamin supplements along with handouts about the rearing practices. Dr. Priya Chettri, Dr. Padam Lal Luitel, Shri S. M. Kandwal and Mr. G D. Mehta rendered their active help and cooperation for the smooth running of the program.

-Issued by ICAR-NOFRI