ICAR empowered Tribal farmers through input distributions at Samsatang Village, Longding Arunachal Pradesh

Longding 26 April: Orange sapling (Khasi Mandarin) input distribution programme was organized at Samsatang village on 25th April 2019 by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Longding under NEC funded project, Dr. H. Kalita, Joint Director, ICAR A.P Centre, Basar. Dr. Manish Kanwat, Sr. Scientist & Head, KVK Anjaw & Namsai, A.  Kirankumar i/c Sr.  Scientist & Head, KVK Longding. Shri Wangsan Wangsupa, Chief, Samsatang village, Shri GB, Samsatang village, Dr. Senpom Ngomle SMS Plant Protection, KVK Longding, Dr. Tilling Tayo SMS Animal Science and more than 40 farmers attended the programme.

Dr. H. Kalita, Joint Director, ICAR A.P Centre, welcomed the farmer and briefed about the scientific method of planting orange sapling and advice farmers to maintain 5 metre distance between row to row and plant to plant and prevent from water logging in planting area. He further exhorted that he is very satisfied with the performances of farmers, there by knowing the commitment done by farmers by planting pineapple that was distributed 6 month back in their field with 90 percent survival rate.

Dr. Manish Kanwat, Sr. Scientist & Head, KVK Anjaw & Namsai, encouraged the famers to keep on working in accordance with advice and technical guidance imparted by KVK Longding and ICAR AP Centre Basar for better faming.

A. Kirankumar Singh i/c Sr. Scientist & Head, KVK Longding, highlighted the role of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in general and advised the farmers to visit KVK office in case of any help or enquiry regarding scientific method of faming system. KVK scientists are there to impart scientific knowledge to farmers regarding technical knowhow in Agri, Horti, Fishery and Veterinary framing system. Therefore, KVK is helpful for those real farmers who are working in ground level and need technology to improve their framing systems.

During farmers scientists interaction programme many farmers actively interacted with the experts and pledge to adopt suggestion and recommendation made by expert during plantation of orange sapling.  One of the progressive framers Mr Tai Chat requested Joint Director ICAR to provide Assam Lemon sapling also to farmers as its demand in market is very high. In this connection Dr Kalita promise to provide Assam Lemon sapling in lieu of ground performances of orange sapling planting satisfactions at field level that will be verified by KVK Longding scientific staff.  

Mr. Wangsan Wangsupa, Chief, Samstang village, Longding and Mr. Tailai Joham, GB, Samstang village, Longding. Also expressed his gratitude to Joint Director, ICAR,  A.P centre, Basar and KVK Londing for organizing such farmer centric programme and he asked the farmer to work hard, as ICAR AP Centre Basar and KVK Longding have distributed the orange sapling free of cost. So, now it is time for framers to show how they work by planting the orange saplings in time and in proper way to reciprocate the hard work and pains taken by official of ICAR AP Centre Basar and KVK Longding in distributing the same at framers door step.

Around 4000 numbers of orange saplings have distributed to 40 farmers under NEC funded project.

In continuation of the serial input distribution programme A. Kirankumar Singh i/c Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Longding and Dr Senpom Ngomle, SMS, Plant Protection distributed the orange saplings to altogether 30 farmers at Longding on 26th April, 2019. The scientists apprised the farmers to strictly follow the techniques suggested to get the maximum benefit from this enterprise. 

Glimpses of Activity