Field Monitoring and Diagnostic visit to ‘Khasi mandarin Planting Materials Production unit’ in Horticulture Hub, Dewlieh, Govt. of Meghalaya

A team of scientists consisting Dr. Pankaj Baiswar, Dr. V.K. Verma and Dr. H. Rymbai of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region carried out a field monitoring and diagnostic visit to ‘Khasi mandarin planting materials production unit’ in Horticulture Hub, Govt. of Meghalaya, Dewlieh, Ri Bhoi District on 27th November, 2020. Mr. B. Kerri, Horticulture Development Officer & In-charge of Horticulture Hub, Dewlieh, Govt. of Meghalaya ushered the team and narrated the activities in the hub. The main objective of visit was to carried out a preliminary studies on the quality of Khasi mandarin planting materials for further steps of action (No.Hort/D-524/Pt-I/2020-21/88, dated, Shillong, the 29th October, 2020; PME-1150/922, dated, 12.11.2020) in collaboration with the Directorate of Horticulture, Govt. of Meghalaya.

The following observations and recommendations were noted:

  1. The mother block unit of ‘Khasi mandarin’ plants were healthy and well maintained. However, there was phenotypic variations among the mother plants. To obtain true-to-type with higher yield and superior quality, the experts suggested for phenotyping and genotyping applying molecular markers for detection of variations and varietal identification as well elimination of off-type plants. Few plants showed yellowing of leaves and the causes may be identified through molecular analysis.
  2. In the propagation unit, incidence of leaf miner was observed in the nursery and mother block. Application of bio-pesticides will control the incidence.
  3. Dissemination/ training of technical know-how on nursery management to orchard caretakers is required.
Team Photograph
Observations in nursery