Farmers are Still in Primitive Stage in Rice Production.

Kanubari, 04th Sept, 2019.
          The knowledge of the farmers have been studied as well as their fields also have been surveyed led by Dr A. Kirankumar Singh, i/c Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Longding. Today, Dr Singh visited the Kamkah village fields in remote hill side with Shri Tingjen Tingkhatra as a guide. In the first instance Dr Singh visited Shri Wahrokrong Rahlongham’s field where the field was heavily infested by weed and shortage of water was also noticed in the field. During interaction, Shri Rahlongham was of the view that if the weeds are removed then the crops will not be good, if the weeds are good then only the crops will be good. Dr Singh thoroughly talked with him and showing that how the weeds disturb the rice plants in the field. And how the weeds can be served as a manuring material if they are properly incorporated inside the soil in the field itself. After that Dr Singh showed him the infestation of stem borer and leaf folder in his paddy field for which he was advised to take up the control measure timely. Then Dr Singh proceeded to Luaksim area where Shri Pongrem Arangham was growing Ranjit variety of paddy. The crop was growing luxuriantly with heavy tillering when counted for five hills, the average was 43 tillers/hill. After interaction, it came to the notice that they have transplanted the paddy using 4-5 seedlings/hill still then the crop was very good in growth and development. After thorough observation, Dr Singh found the infestation of stem borer and leaf folder in the field and suggested the farmer to spray the insecticide namely Chlorpyriphos@1.25 lit/ha and 2nd weeding also advocated for good harvest.