Field Day on Seed Production of Kharif Paddy Var. RCM 10


KVK Ri Bhoi, ICAR RC for NEH Region, Umiam organised a Field day on Seed production of Kharif Paddy Var. RCM 10 on 5th November 2018 at Kyrdem village, Ri Bhoi. The main aim of the programme was to showcase the success of the technology i.e. the seed production of paddy var RCM 10 in aberrant weather condition to the farmers’ of the village as well as neighbouring villages. A field day was conducted at harvest time to jointly assess the crop performance, gather farmers’ feedbacks and plan future course of actions. About 20 farmers/farm women were attended in the programme from within and neighbouring villages along with the Senior Scientist & Head, SMS (Fishery), P.A. (Computer) and SRF (NICRA). “RCM 10” a climate resilient variety introduced by KVK, Ri Bhoi in NICRA village is considered as one of the premium rice varieties because of its resiliency in changing weather and also for its good quality. Owing to its better taste, the market for the variety is also assured as signified by the quantities of RCM 10 transported from Kyrdem to other destinations by many adopted farmers, through the field visit, were convinced of its adaption to their locality. Farmers also appreciated the agronomic traits (Short height, more number of panicles and minimal effect from natural calamities) of RCM 10. More importantly, RCM 10 could yield better than their local variety which further proved its superiority and suitability and expected to get 40-45 q/ha yield.. After seeing the performance, the farmers of other villages have shown their interest to cultivate RCM 10 in the ensuing season in order to derive the relative advantage as a strategy to double their income with the growing of second crop pea.