Distribution of Machineries under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) on 03rd September, 2019 at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Mizoram Centre, Kolasib, Mizoram.

 ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Mizoram Centre organized a distribution programme on “DISTRIBUTION OF MACHINERIES” under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) on 03rdSeptember, 2019. 60 members from the four farmers group viz. BILKHAWTHLIR PHAIPHENG FARMER SOCIETY (Phaipheng, Kolasib), MAHNI THLAITHAR ZUAR ASSOCIATION (Tuichhuahen, Kolasib), WOMEN’S FARMER CLUB (Kawnpui, Kolasib) and RENGDIL VILLAGE ORGANIZATION (Zawlnuam, Mamit) attended the programme. Two power tillers were distributed among the BILKHAWTHLIR PHAIPHENG FARMER SOCIETY (Phaipheng) and MAHNI THLAITHAR ZUAR ASSOCIATION (Tuichhuahen). Each of the two areca nut leaf plate making machine were distributed to WOMEN’S FARMER CLUB, KAWNPUI and RENGDIL VILLAGE ORGANIZATION members. Dr. Saurav Saha (Scientist, Agril. Physics; TSP programme leader), welcomed the participants. Dr. I. Shakuntala (Joint Director, ICAR-Mizoram Centre) highlighted the vast scope for the use of the machineries on custom hiring basis. After that, Farmers –scientists interaction took place to solve different problems regarding crop cultivation, their post harvest potential and supportive market chain development. Four MOUs (Memorandum of understanding) were signed between the Joint Director, ICAR-Kolasib and the leaders from respective farmers’ groups, to initiate the four custom hiring centres at their respective places. Field demonstration of power tillers has been conducted at the research farm of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Mizoram Centre, Kolasib. However, the areca nut leaf plate making machine will be assembled and demonstrated by the engineers after the formal establishment of electricity lines by the respective groups. Finally, Dr. Saurav Saha delivered the formal vote of thanks.