Distribution Programme of Apple Planting Materials under NEC Funded Project of ICAR AP Centre Basar Organized By KVK Anjaw.

A one day “Training cum Input Distribution Programme of Apple Planting Materials” under NEC funded project of ICAR for NEH Region, A.P. CENTRE BASAR was organized by KVK Anjaw at Chaglongam circle of Anjaw district sharing international boundaries with China.

The tribal people residing in this part of the district are Digaru Mishmis. Despite the tribal people’s hardworking nature, the geo-physical and undulating topography of the region causes frequent landslides and road blockade, which hinders them from availing facilities from the government. Hence, to encourage and promote the scientific cultivation of Apple plants, ICAR For NEH Region Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar scheduled a distribution programme of Apple under NEC funded project on 20th February 2019. For wider circulation of the programme among the farming community, Mr. Neelam Tan, Circle Officer (CO) of Chaglongam provided his full support. Hence, after a road blockade for 19 days, the programme was successfully conducted on 12th March 2019. Altogether 54 farmers, farm women and rural youths from different villages of Chaglongam circle i.e. Chaglongam, Abohagam, Tegamna, Taflagam, Tablaiko and Khelega Metengliang villages attended the training programme.

The programme started with the welcome address by Ms Rebecca Eko, SMS Horticulture, KVK Anjaw. She welcomed the participants and briefed the gathering about the importance of organizing this training & promoted the cultivation of Apple plants. In the technical session, she gave a detail power point presentation on the package & practices of Apple. She elaborated the different varieties, proper layout, planting season, planting distance, intercultural operations and training & pruning techniques. At the end of the programme, 5,000 nos. of Apple planting materials were distributed to the participants.

Glimpses of the activity
Group Photo
Distribution of Apple planting materials
Road Blockade