Demonstration on Millet Threshing Machine to Farmers.

Kanubari,29th Aug.,2019 
       A team led by Dr. A. Kirankumar Singh, i/c Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Longding, Dr . Senpon Ngomle, SMS (Plant Protection), Tilling Tayo, SMS (Animal Science) assisted by Bali Rime and Duli Ete demonstrated the operation of the Millet Threshing Machine to two farmers Shri Panhee Wangsu and Nokthak Wangsu from Niausa Village, Longding. Dr Singh and his team demonstrated how to fit the machine and how to operate for threshing purpose. The two farmers also personally operated the machine and had the hand on training. They brought around five kilograms of foxtail millet and after threshing they got about 3 kgs of ready to eat millet. They are satisfied with the operation of the machine and happy with the efforts rendered by the KVK Longding for procuring the machines for them. These machines will be distributed to the farmers in days to come for the public at Longding area where the area of millet production in large quantities. The efficiency of the machine has also been tested. It can thresh 70-80 kg millet/hour. This will help them to reduce their drudgery in threshing and save their energy which can be used in other works. Over and above, the losses in threshing will also be reduced by using these machines. Afterwards, the team of KVK assured them for every possible support to boost up the production and productivity of the crops as well as the support in terms of seeds