Capacity Building program of Tribal Farmers organized at Dumtibari, West Tripura

One day capacity building programme and critical inputs cum minor farm machineries distribution programme for tribal farmers organized at Dumtibari ADC village, West Tripura on 19th July, 2019 under TSP-ICAR project on “Capacity Building of Farmers in Primary Sectors by Adopting Integrated Watershed Approach”. The program is implemented by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre in collaboration with KVK, Belbari, West Tripura with the objectives to improve livelihood and income of tribal farmers through introduction of improved farming practices in a participatory approach. A total 80 farmers attended the programme of whom about 60 were female. Dr. Anup Das, Principal Scientist (Agronomy), Dr. Gulab Singh Yadav, Scientist (Agronomy), Dr. Chandan Debnath, Scientist (Fisheries), Dr. Vinay Singh, Scientist (Poultry Science) and Mr. Diman Daschudhury, GKMS from ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre, Lembucherra interacted with the farmers about improved scientific farming and importance of weather forecasting in agriculture. Dr. Anup Das interacted with the farmers on high yielding rice varieties and cultivation practices, multitier vegetable cultivation, vermicomposting etc. Dr. G.S. Yadav emphasised on rice fallow cultivation of maize and mustard through good quality seeds and conservation effective package of practices. Dr. Chandan Debnath interacted with the farmers on scientific fish cultivation for livelihood improvement and provided hand holding training on fish feeding and other management practices. Dr. Vinay Singh briefed the farmers about scientific poultry farming, nutrition & vaccination schedule of poultry for higher income. Mr. Diman Daschudhury interacted with the farmers about weather based cultivation practices and promoted formation of a farmers group for weather report updates from GKMS-ICAR, Tripura Centre. Dr. Mandira Chakraborty, I/C, KVK, Belbari, West Tripura stressed asked the farmers to actively involved in the project and follow the scientific package suggested by the experts for maximum income. Mr. Debasis Datta, SMS, KVK, West Tripura also interacted with the farmers and assured them of all possible technical help from KVK, West Tripura for improved farming. Mr. Surendra Debbarma (Coordinator of program in village) assured all possible cooperation of the farmers for success of the program. Women participated in maximum number and presented their own views for improving livelihood. Dr. Anup Das, G.S. Yadav, Chandan Debnath,Vinay Singh, Mandira Chakraboty, Debasis Datta, Diman Daschudhury and farmers   representatives together distributed various inputs like chicks of dual purpose poultry (350 numbers), poultry feeds (5 kg to each farmers as starter feed), fingerlings (1200 numbers), fish feed (5 kg each as stated feed), lime and potash (2 kg & 100 g each farmers), mango saplings (100 numbers), vegetables seeds of cowpea, okra, lablab bean, cucumber, bitter gourd, maize etc. (about 50 kg), 1.5 Hp electric pump (2 numbers along with accessories), manual sprayer (2 numbers) and rose can (7 numbers) among the participating farmers. It was suggested to establish a Custom Hiring centre for the benefit of the villagers. A village empowerment committee was formed for overlooking various project activities and coordination with ICAR, KVKs and Villagers. Mr. Ripan Chandra Das, project fellow offered vote of thanks at the end of the program.