Training-cum-Demonstration on Scientific Bee Keeping for the farmers of Mawsynram, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya


A programme on “Scientific Beekeeping” was organized at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya on 13th March, 2018 by the Division of Crop Protection, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya for the farmers of Mawsynram, East Khasi Hlls, Meghalaya. A total of 20 participants from different villages of East Khasi Hills benefitted from the programme.  The day long training elaborated on “Scientific Beekeeping” for livelihood improvement of farmers in Meghalaya.  The programme started with the welcome address by Dr Sandip Patra, Scientist (Entomology) and Coordinator of the training, Division of Crop Protection. Various scientific speeches were given on beekeeping including hands on demonstrations and problem associated with the Beekeeping, by the scientists of the ICAR.  Dr. G. T. Behere, Head Division of Crop Protection, highlighted the importance of bee keeping in Meghalaya for improvement of livelihood.  Dr. Pankaj Baiswar, Senior Scientist (Plant Pathology) urged the participants to actively participate in hands on training and to get the real time knowledge of beekeeping.  Dr Rumki Sangma, Scientist (Entomology) and Co-Coordinator given a talk on pests and diseases of bee colonies.

Various inputs related to beekeeping such as modern bee boxes, bee veils and other accessories were provided to the beekeepers.  A scientists and beekeepers interaction was a major part of the programme, where the queries of the beekeepers were answered by the scientists.  The training and hands on demonstration assured that the beekeepers to get the best out of art of beekeeping.