Awareness programme on adaptation to climate change at Umden Village, Umsning block, RiBhoi

An awareness programme was held in Umden Village under Umsning block, RiBhoi under the institute project “A Study on Impact of climate Change on Livestock Farming and its local adaptation measures” on 7th September, 2018. The programme was conducted upon the need for awareness about climate change and its adaptation strategies were felt for the farmers of RiBhoi district. The survey results of the institute had revealed that although farmers perceived that climate was changing and are affecting their crops and livestock productivity, they have no idea of reducing the loss. This information necessitated the spread of awareness about major and simple ways to tackle climate change in the capacity of poor farmers. Ms Anjoo Yumnam, Scientist, Agricultural Economics, relayed some common livestock management strategies for better adaptation in the warming climate condition with erratic rainfall occurrence. Ms N. Peetambari, Scientist, Fish Resource Management, interacted with the farmers about the potential of climate resilience in an integrated farming system consisting of fish – poultry – pig. The programme also gave a platform for the farmers to raise their queries and problems. Coughing in both pig and poultry has been common among the livestock in the villages. Leaflets and folders on good livestock management published by ICAR RC for NEH Region were also distributed to the farmers. The programme was attended by 30 farmers from five neighbouring villages of Umden, viz., Langphadur, Umden (Manipur), Umden Nongtluh, Bleishiah and Umden Khasi.