Awareness programme cum Animal Health at Mophakaht, Kanubari by ICAR, KVK, Longding.

First ever-Animal camp was held at Mophakhat, Kanubari by ICAR, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Longding, in collaboration with State Veterinary Deptt. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Kanubari on 30th June 2019. Dr. Tilling Tayo, Subject Matter Specialist- Animal Science KVK Longding, delivering the welcome note to famers and general public, exhorted that we usually say I am rearing Pig, Cattle, Goat or Poultry. However, we never try to know the complete meaning of rearing livestock. Rearing of livestocks includes, feeding, housing and health care managements. Though feeding and housing are taken into care upto certain aspect but never give due importance in health care management of livestock in rural area. Due to which many animals succumb to either disease or retarded growth from diarrhea, endo and ecto parasite infestation, vitamin and mineral deficiency. However, which can be corrected or treated by spending within forty to fifty rupees instead of loosing livestock of thousand worth money value. He further exhorted that the main aim of today programme was to make aware to famers and general public regarding how importance is livestock health for better production of good meat and milk quality for higher economic return to farmers.

Dr. A. Kirankumar Singh, i/c Senior Scientist & Head, KVK, Longding. Give brief information regarding activities of KVK, what are the services available in Kendra. He informed the participant that KVK is knowledge hub for farming community and deals nothing but farming activities only be it of Agriculture, Veterinary, Horticulture, Plant protection, soil science, Fishery and Value additions. Being On Farm Trial (OFT), Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) & Training are main mandate of KVK to test the technology developed by scientist at field level thereby close monitoring the microclimatic suitability and adaptability of technology at district or block level.

Dr. C. Arfila   Tingkhatra, Senior Veterinary Officer, Kanubari Govt. of A.P. delivered lecture of various aspect of livestock farming, in relation to disease management before and after out break of disease. She further advises to the farmers that unless health care of Animal is not taken in account and give due importance in farming, the ratio and proportion of profit margin will be very low. Because due to endoparastie (Tape worm and round worm) infestation there is drastic loss of nutrient and blood from animal body which leads to stunted growth, Morbidity and mortality, however overall economic of faming is compromised. So, health care aspect should not overlook in rearing livestock.

Dr. Senpon Ngomle, SMS Plant Protection, KVK Longding, also spoke on the programme and asked farmers to form women SHG for better percolation of technology to larger mass be it on bee keeping, Mushroom production or Poultry and piggery framing to take the farming community towards scientific method of farming for better production and productivity to boost the rural economy.

In the programme, animal were treated as per the disease presented by owner and 67 pig and 21 cattle were dewormed and given vitamin & mineral mixture for better health. Later one case of castration in pig was done on request of farmer.

The programme concluded by tending vote of thanks by Shri. W. Wangham (Chief), Mophakhat, and programme were attended by Mophakhat G.B, Panchyat Interim committee, X- ASM, youths, farmers and farm women. Altogether 43 participants attended the programme including seven officials from KVK, Londging and State Veterinary Dept. Kanubari.   

Action Photographs

Dr. Tilling Tayo (SMS Animal Sc.) Delivering lecture
Dr. C. Arifla Tingkhatra (SVO, state Dept. Kanubari) Delivering lecture
Prescribing drugs
Castration of Piglets