Awareness cum training programme on Scientific Farming organized in Madhuban ADC, North Tripura


One day awareness cum training program of farmers’ on “improved farming interventions for livelihood security of hill farming” under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) at Madhuban ADC, North Tripura was organized by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre, Lembucherra in collaboration with KVK, Panisagar, North Tripura on 11th January, 2019. About of 150 Tribal farmers attended the awareness cum training program.

The objective of the program was to acquaint the farmers on various improved agricultural technologies for their possible implementation in the respective villages under TSP program of ICAR Research Complex, Tripura Centre with the ultimate aim of enhancing livelihood of Tribal hill farmers. The emphasis of the program was on low/no cost technologies and utilizing available local resources for income and livelihood improvement of Tribal farmers. Dr. Anup Das, Principal Scientist (Agronomy), Dr. Gulab Singh Yadav, Scientist (Agronomy), ICAR Research Complex, Tripura Centre, and Dr. Abhijit Debnath, Senior Scientist & Head, Mr. Randhir Sharma, SMS (Agronomy), KVK, Panisagar, North Tripura with the participating farmers to adopt improved technologies for enhancing productivity and income. Mr. Biswajit Debnath and Mr. Harendra, farmers representative and members of farmers club also shared their view for improving livelihood of tribal farmers through various scientific farming activities. During interaction with the farmers it was learnt that poor availability of water during dry season, lack of quality seeds, local livestock breeds, very low mechanization, inadequate skills and capacity among the farmers are major causes of low productivity and income from agriculture in the area. During the feedback session, farmers expressed their needs for various inputs like good quality seeds (cowpea, okra, bitter gourd, sesame, ginger, arecanut etc.), quality fingerlings (rohu, catla, mrigal etc.), piglets and chicks etc. Farmer’s also expressed their need for tilling machines like Power tiller to undertake sowing operations in time and reduced cost of production. Marketing of items like turmeric is also a problem in the locality. During interaction, it was also learnt that about 20% participating farmers are also practising jhum farming. The programme was followed by a cross-walk and field visit by the team in the village to identify possible interventions for improving livelihood of the farmers.

Scientists interacting with the farmers.