Awareness cum Seed distribution program organized at Sipahijala District under SCSP

Under SCSP project on “Empowering small and marginal farmers through location specific integrated farming system” a capacity building programme on high yielding rice cultivation was organized in Chandranagar, Sipahijala Tripura on 26th June, 2019. On the occasion, Dr. Anup Das, Principal Scientist (Agronomy) and Dr. G.S. Yadav, Scientist, Agronomy, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Lembucherra, Tripura Centre interacted with the farmers about high yielding paddy cultivation. Mr. Subrata Sarkar, Farmers representative was also present on the occasion. A total of 55 farmers attended the program. Seeds of high yielding rice variety Gomati was distributed to the schedule caste farmers.  Farmers were advised to follow SRI/ICM technology on fields where water level can be managed. Whereas in case of fields where drainage is a problem, farmers were advised to follow conventional practice with 3-4 seedlings of 25-30 days seedlings. Rice variety Gomati is relatively short in duration (135 days in Aus) and gives higher yield compared to other varieties. Hence, this variety was suggested for inclusion of pulses and oilseeds after rice harvest in suitable locations. Farmers had discussed about their existing problems in paddy field such as snails and rats which are a major constraints for maintaining plant population and hence a higher number of seedling per hill is practiced by them. Farmers also informed that birds, ducks and rats damage the panicles leading to huge loss in rice farming. Strategies for Integrated weed and nutrient management practices were also discussed with farmers. The scientists also discussed about the integrated farming system, farm diversification, importance of livestock, vermicomposting, soil health card etc. to improve livelihood of farmers. Women farmers were also motivated to take keen interest in SCSP project for their betterment. Farmers were encouraged to give new ideas and also to come out with short term work (seed, vermibed, saplings etc.) and long term need (oil seed mill, power tiller, cone weeder etc). During interaction farmers expressed their interest for scientific fish farming as this has good opportunity in the locality for enhancing livelihood. Mr. Suvrata Sarkar also appealed farmers to take keen interest in SCSP project implemented by the ICAR to get maximum benefit for improving income and livelihood. Ms. Saptamita Roy, Research Fellow offered a vote of thanks to the gathering.