Animal vaccination cum Health Camp conducted by ICAR, KVK, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya under TSP



An  animal  vaccination  cum  health  camp  was  conducted  in  Okkapara  Songgitcham village, Gambegre block of West Garo Hills district, Meghalaya by ICAR-KVK, Tura, West Garo Hills on 11th May, 2017 under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). Mass vaccination of cattle against FMD (Foot and Mouth disease) and pigs against Swine Fever (SF) was carried out during the early hours of the programme. Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious disease of all cloven - hoofed animals characterised by high fever that declines rapidly after two or three days, blisters inside the mouth that lead to excessive salivation and blisters on the feet that may rupture and cause lameness. Although not lethal in adult animals, it causes serious production losses. Swine Fever is also a highly contagious disease in pigs causing severe loss of pig population every year. There is no specific treatment for these diseases, only regular vaccination can protect the animals. A total of 82 numbers cattle and 24 pigs were vaccinated against FMD and SF respectively.

After completion of vaccination, treatment of the diseased animals was started. Humpsore, maggoted wound, tick infestation in cattle and skin diseases in goats were common problems in the village. Farmers were prescribed for different diseases of cattle, goat, pig and poultry and essential medicines were distributed.  Total 32 villagers participated in the programme.


Vaccination  in Cattle against FMD


Vaccination  in Pigs against SF


Treated a cow with ear canker

Injected  Ivermectin in goat


Distribution of medicines/ vitamins/mineral mixtures  among the participants