A field day on mustard organized in Madhuban ADC, North Tripura

A ‘field day on mustard’ was organized on 11th January, 2019 at Madhuban ADC village, North Tripura. A total of 50 farmers of Jobarajnagar RD Block, North Tripura cultivated improved mustard (var. NRCHB 101) variety in about 10 hectare area attended the program. The objective of the field day was to interact with farmers about benefit of cultivating mustard in rice fallows and provide technical knowledge to farmers about improved mustard cultivation practices. Dr. Anup Das, principal scientist (Agronomy), Dr. Gulab Singh Yadav, Scientist (Agronomy), Mr. Ripan Chandra Das, research scholar (Agronomy) ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre, Lembucherra, and Dr. Abhijit Debnath, Senior Scientist & Head, Mr. Randhir Sharma, SMS (Agronomy) KVK Panisagar interacted with the farmers about improved mustard farming practices and their benefits in various mustard fields grown under the TSP programme in the village. During the interaction farmers were told about the improved high yielding varieties, requirement for nutrient management, pest management etc. Farmers were suggested to cultivated short or medium duration rice like Gomati so that rice fields are vacated early for timely sowing of mustard preferably in first fortnight of November. Farmers were also given some exposure to no-till mustard cultivation practices in rice fallow areas for reducing cost of cultivation and obtaining higher income. It was also suggested to cultivate rice in line following SRI/ICM practices for easy operations for undertaking no-till sowing of mustard after rice harvest. It was told that a good crop of mustard can produce about 300 kg seed yield/kani with oil yield of about 120 kg and oil cake production of about 180 kg. It is possible to earn about Rs. 12000 as net profit per kani with scientific mustard farming followed by extraction of mustard oil. It was agreed that an oil extraction mill will be installed in the village in due course of time under TSP programme by ICAR Tripura Centre to enhance income of farmers.

A field day on mustard at Madhuban ADC village, North Tripura